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One of the most popular foreign-trucks is today considered the Mercedes Vito.This machine is compact class has established itself as a small office on wheels.Like the car lovers and family travel by car.A model of the series and owners of corporate taxi.As you can see, the range of use of the car is quite wide.About what satisfied and dissatisfied than drivers who have experience driving on this machine, you can learn by looking at those reviews about Mercedes Vito, which are at various AUTOFORUM.

All reviews about Mercedes Vito are the original estimate of the technical characteristics of the car and the innovations incorporated by manufacturers in recent advanced models.Elements of the modernization of a lot.Just note that the increased sales of Mercedes Vito, observed in recent years due to the fact that this machine has become even more spacious inside.No wonder it was given the category of V-Class, which is the prerogative of the trucks.Still, we consider a Mercedes Vito as a passenger car.This opinion is supported by the owners of the vehicles, reviewed the Mercedes Vito, as his van but roominess, the cabin has all the attributes of a passenger car.Shop smartly decorated, it has an improved noise isolation and comfortable arranged for driving.

in car showrooms, which organized the sale of Mercedes Vito, always crowded.The car attracts the attention of the harmony of the body of the external device.All elements and details seamlessly into one another, forming the impression of smoothness and integrity, as well as belonging to the family of Mercedes.Among them are large size, placed upright grille and larger rear lights.Heaviness of the car is reduced by smooth sliding doors.They also help to lighten the load of luggage.The cargo can be placed not only inside the van, but also on the roof, and its weight can be up to 150 kg.

Various reviews of Mercedes Vito are left visitors of the forum, which enthusiastically talk about the internal design of the passenger compartment.Owners of cars like the well thought-out interior decoration.Here there is air conditioning, and a variety of pockets and compartments to keep things in the cabin in a specific order, special compartments for maps and papers.Ergonomically arranged seats for the driver and passengers.They are adjustable in height and tilt, equipped with three-point seat belts.Amenities obviously designed to ensure that, if necessary, to use the vehicle to transport passengers elite.However, many car owners do not like the semi-automatic box.They believe that for the price, the car should have more opportunities to run.Also expressed the view that this type of transport should spend less fuel.

On AUTOFORUM discussed and the possibility of retrofitting cars for different needs, including Mercedes Vito tuning.People share their experience of how to adapt the machine to different needs.For example, to retrofit the van compartment of a vehicle dispatching systems and attachments, you can get a forensic laboratory on wheels.It also offers options for drivers when the Mercedes Vito tuning can be applied to the needs of various industries.After spacious interior of the vehicle can accommodate and mobile miniavtoservis, workshops for the repair of equipment, for example, the oil or gas industry on-site of the problem.Vehicles can only doobrudovat special ladder.

room for new developments in the use of a Mercedes Vito for creative enough.Today a wide range of electronic devices that can be implemented inside the car - this is another field for the creation of mobile laboratories with the latest electronic control systems and control panels.

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