RGO grenade: Features

In 1954 the Soviet army received new grenade RGD-5.It was much more convenient and safer adopted at that time, RG-42, so quickly took her place.Together with the old F-1 it formed a pair of offensive / defensive weapons, and this combination is used to this day.

Whatever it was, but just 15 years began to develop a new pair of grenades, which would fully meet the requirements of modern times.In general, and there was a grenade RGO.But to say - does not mean to do.In fact, the history of its development was long.

The military was not satisfied with the existing patterns?

most discontent caused the fuse.Its functions he performed well, only a fixed time from the cast before the explosion is often reduced the effectiveness of zero.The enemy is not worse than the Soviet soldiers known characteristics used hand grenades, so often managed to escape, and then throw a "grenade" back.

And because the military appeared natural desire: to get a sample of weapons that could blow up not only at the end of a f

ixed period of time, just in contact with the purpose of (mountain grenades).In this case, the opponents would have had little chance to escape in time.


development work started in the early 70s of the last century.But really extra pace of research went immediately after the start of the campaign in Afghanistan.Already in the first few months it became clear that the available grenades are often more dangerous to himself throwing, rather than to the enemy.Design Bureau commissioned the famous "basalt."

So what are the performance characteristics of the RGO grenade?Let's discuss it a little more detail.

new type of fuse

As we have already said, the main complaints related to this particular detail.It was necessary to create a new scheme.As a result, work has appeared shock keyless ignition.From the title it is clear that the RGO grenade equipped with such a fuse may blow up not only by the time required, but also by direct contact with the target.

design fuse

When discussing the design of the part, then it can be divided into four main parts:

  • Initsiiruyusche-safety.It includes a drummer, lever, check and spring.
  • Pyrotechnic.It consists of a percussion primer, moderators and self-destruction detonator.
  • Manual.It includes fly-weights, cap and fuse.
  • detonation.Actuated beam igniter.

How does this design?

soldier presses the safety lever, then pulls the pin (after straightening safety antennae), and then RGO grenade thrown in the direction of the enemy.Immediately after that, drummer breaks free from his seat.

He has ignited the capsule, which detonates and ignites the moderator and the two self-destruct detonator.After that, the fuse in the direction of care, and leads to the igniter detonator.The grenade is ready to explode.

Other improvements

But the claim to the old F-1 had another reason.Remember neatly divided into 32 segments Slayers this grenade?So, in the explosion, they are not always shared.All this leads to the fact that pomegranate is extremely dangerous for the thrower: some large pieces can fly tens of meters.New RGO grenade as initially rely on the fact that her shirt was torn into many small fragments stable.

For this hemisphere body produced by cold forming of sheet steel.Unlike the F-1, RGS - garnet having an inner ribbed shirt.In addition, there are still within the two steel hemisphere, also divided into small segments.Simply put, the number of fragments has doubled.

Since it is very similar to RGN (offensive variety), the designers have provided a number of distinctive features, so a fighter even in the dark and feel able to identify the type of weapon.Thus, the lower hemisphere has a number of shallow grooves.


Unlike previous models, as the "active ingredient" designers chose a mixture of RDX and TNT.Tom was right for two reasons.Firstly, RDX gives great explosive power.Secondly, the TNT in the form of melt is extremely convenient just pour into the body, which reduces the cost of production and without that not too simple grenade.

stagnated same charge quickly and easily drill a cavity designed to fuse.Additionally, the use in the construction of a large number of plastic grenade allows, if necessary, to collect the body and to equip them with the same A-IX-1 (also hexogen, but with the addition of a special plastic filler).

weight and other characteristics

general RGS - pomegranate is not easy.The ready to use as it weighs exactly 530 grams.Note that the charge of the explosive itself is only 91 grams.But it was not done by accident.

The explosion once it gives up to seven hundred splinters, and the weight of each does not hold up to 0.5 grams!On the other hand, and they fly at a speed sometimes higher than 1300 m / s.The energy of the "small things" such that the pieces can affect manpower within a radius of 240 square meters.

kill radius

Oddly, but officially declared zone confident defeat - only 16-17 meters.However, at this distance, the hand grenade RGO acts on the procedure for the performance of all its predecessors.It is a matter of simple mathematics: easy to assume that a large number of small submunitions with high energy far more dangerous than 32 large pieces (and even not the fact that they will indeed be so much).

In addition, they are much faster than lose their lethality, and therefore much safer for a soldier who throws a grenade.

varieties and packaging

Produced RGO grenade RGN and in several different ways, which is quite typical for the arms industry of the USSR.Thus, according to the generally accepted rules of combat were olive-green color, while training - black.Supply standard, in wooden boxes of 20 pieces.Since the shape of the pomegranate is almost spherical, very compact package was obtained.

in their crates stacked in two layers, shifting each soft tissue material.Note that the boxes had also lateral compartment designed for installation fuses.They were placed in a fully enclosed metal container.The total weight of the box - 22 kg.

So what is the result?

The first batch RGN and RGS were sent to Afghanistan, where they have started to use in the battle with the mujahideen.Soviet soldiers praised their performance.However, like their counterparts in the federal forces during both Chechen campaigns.But for thirty years, these grenades were not able to displace its predecessors.

There are several factors that have contributed to this state of affairs.First, even a relatively "young" RGD-5 was much easier to manufacture, not to mention the "Limonka" F-1, production of which continued even during the war years.Accordingly, the old grenades were much cheaper.Secondly, in 80 years accumulated in the warehouses of a huge number of old weapons that it consumed, it would take a very long time.

Finally, shortly Gorbachev came to power, where even aircraft carriers sawed for scrap.Not surprisingly, the production of new types of grenades have been almost completely phased out.So the Russian Army and to this day are the "grandfather" of the domestic military industry.Yes, RGS RGN and continue to produce, but the volume of production would not hurt to pick up a few times.

course, if from the time of adopting the normal would be deployed their release ... But for some reason this did not happen.Most likely, the military leadership of the Soviet Union also believes that the first should be fully spend the old stocks that have been disposed of simply unreasonable and too expensive.

Who it is currently in use?

Currently, they are used almost exclusively by special units.They are extremely important to have grenades fitted with impact fuse.After all, during the storming of buildings, most often occurred in the 90s, all the advantages of the weapons were manifested most clearly.

Thus, RGS literally dot the small space of the room the high-striking elements.Chances are practically no enemy, because of the cast before the explosion are a matter of seconds.One can only hope that modern grenade with improved characteristics in the end there will be armed with the ordinary units of the Armed Forces.So far, the soldiers have to settle for the old model.

Disadvantages There are disadvantages.Some military old-timers recall that there have been attempts in the implementation of the common parts of the Russian Geographical Society.Here are the cases are different ... So were several suicide bombing: poorly trained fighters hurl a grenade that hurt some small obstacle a couple of meters from the thrower ... explosion, a corpse.

word, grenades fuse percussion require good training of personnel and accuracy.

Where can I see?

If you are interested in this type of weapon, suggested "communion" to any club straykblola who is in almost every major city.Surely though in some there RGO grenade UTI.In fact, military training is an option, but made entirely of plastic, does not have any damaging elements.

This props (pictured above) one to one copies the appearance of its combat ancestor.Of course, airsoft grenades RGO can not give a true idea of ​​the possibilities of a real prototype, but to develop the skills of handling possible.

So, even in the version of the game before throwing you need to repeat all the steps that are required in reality: bend the antennae, press the safety lever and pull the pin.