Who she is the richest woman in the world

If you ask the question about the most affluent members of the fairer half of humanity, in particular, who today is the richest woman in the world, you probably get up before my eyes the image of some Hollywood divas, but it is not so!There will also be a mistake to assume that all the owners of the huge wealth of the states has fallen from the sky.In fact, many of them lived a normal life and even starving, and acquired capital - is the result of titanic work.There is no doubt that the other ladies who have got the list of Forbes, became a happy heirs fabulous states, but to keep and multiply money too easy to get everyone can not, it is necessary to have a special talent.It should be noted that today there is a clear trend of increasing number of wealthy women, for example, in 2013 the list of the world's richest women was 34 more than in the past.The first hundred rankings, compiled by the American Forbes, consists of 14 representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.The average age is of 66 years, and the size of the states varies from 10 to 30.6 billion dollars.

head of the list is the richest woman in the world - is ninety years old Liliane Bettencourt, her condition was $ 30 billion.As a co-owner of the French perfume giant L'Oreal, founded by her father, she is not only preserved, but also to increase the capital by making imperiiyu L'Oreal, one of the most expensive and thriving to this day the French cosmetics companies.Unfortunately, at the moment, doctors confirmed the diagnosis of Lillian, is showing signs of dementia.The ninth largest state of the world, suffering from Alzheimer's disease Bettencourt, according to the decision of the court today handed over the management of her daughter.

After the plane crash that killed John Walton tragically, create a trading corporation, Wal-Mart, which has more than 700 stores scattered throughout the world, his widow American Christy Walton inherited condition is truly enormous.Christie's merit is that it is very skillfully manages his legacy, while maintaining the development of the arts, museums and education.Her fortune is estimated at 28.2 billion. Dollars and it takes the second position in the ranking of "The richest woman in the world" while remaining the richest woman in the United States.

Third place also belongs to the representative of the Walton family, Alice.It is the happy owner of 26.3 billion dollars.The source of her wealth - the supermarket chain Wal-Mart and horse breeding farm in central Texas.

17,4 Bln. USD - capital of the widow of billionaire Andronico Laksika from Chile, Iris Fontbona.Fourth place in the ranking of her endowed by controlled it one of the world's largest deposits of copper, as well as the share in the company Quinenco and Resorts Network in Croatia.

to 17 billion dollars have the world's richest woman, Jacqueline Mars, the daughter of the owner of the world famous chocolate empire Mars Incorporated, and Gina Rinehart, which serves as a source of income "Hancock Prospecting" - the mining company, ranking number one in the world.

Susanne Klatten with a capital of 14.3 billion dollars is on the 7th place.Suzanne inherited 12.6% stake in the world-famous automobile of BMW from her late father, Herbert Quandt.

In eighth place - the president of Fidelity Financial Services Abigail Johnson, her company is engaged in asset management and pension and brokerage services in global financial markets.It has a fortune of 12.7 billion. Dollars.

About 10 million euros earned last year alone, the Italian lady, granddaughter of the founder of the company Prada, products which dreams to have in the wardrobe of every woman, Miuccia Prada.The fact that the company is growing and thriving - Miuccia merit only, and its capital is currently estimated at 12.4 billion.

Closes the top ten contenders for the title of "The richest woman in the world," Anne Cox Chambers.93-year-old resident of the United States has 12 billion dollars.The sources of her wealth - it's media holdings Cox Media Group and Cox Communications, Manheim Auto Show and the site AutoTrader.com.Today the management of all business took the nephew of Anne Cox - Jim Kennedy.

Also in the first hundred Forbes 4 more wealthy women: Brazilian Dirs Navarre de Camargue (11.5 bln. Dollars), engaged in the construction, Dutchwoman Charlene de Carvalho Heineken (11 bln. Dollars) - the successor of a controlling stake in the most famous brewing company Holland Heineken,the widow of Steve Jobs - American Laurene Powell Jobs (10.7 bln. dollars), receiving revenues from Apple and Disney, as well as take pride of 100th place in the list of world's richest Johanna Quandt (10.6 billion dollars) - a resident of Germanyowning more than 16% of the shares of BMW.