We select the location for your Cafe

In recent years, Belarus has been opened more and more cafes.Some officials say that ten years is not enough to provide the country with the necessary amount of catering.

Comparing Minsk with Moscow and Kiev, we can immediately note that the cafe in the Belarusian capital and the truth is very small.And if you go to smaller cities - the situation is even worse.Another problem is that the Friday or Saturday night is very difficult to find a free table.Establishments of this type is so small that brides and grooms must book cafe in six months or even a year before the planned celebration!That is why every year a growing number of businessmen understand that the board organize a cafe or restaurant - it is a very profitable business.However, if it were that simple, then in our country for a long time would not exist the problem of shortage of places catering.Some even having a good business strategy, fail at the initial stages.And it happens in most cases because of the wrong choice, and little thought out room.

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First, when choosing Render attention to those premises which are already equipped accordingly.Some owners are absolutely comfortable with the fact that the fences in their cafe look intimidating, and are not even aware that a small change can scare off potential customers.If you plan on doing a summer terrace, then protect it so that visitors to your cafe is not felt that eating in the thoroughfare.

is also very important to deal with the smell.Believe me, from cafes can smell your food only if you specialize in the preparation of a single dish.For example, if you decide to open a coffee shop, it would be great if a few meters to the smell of coffee.If you have a pastry bakery, the smell of vanilla have the best possible way.However, if it is a classic cafe, it will be very bad if it will smell of pasta or meat (the second is particularly undesirable, given the fashion to become vegetarians).So make sure when you purchase air filters to their power enough for your room.And if you are planning that in the room to smoke, then choose the most powerful filters to provide the best ventilation.

Also note that your institution should be in place a high level of traffic.But at the same time, potential customers often ignored cafes that are in front of large stores.