Functions of the State: concept, classification, various scientific approaches

In theory the state one of the most common and important issues considered to be consideration of the concept of "state functions", their classification and types.Explain the importance of this issue can be the fact that, first of all, with the help of the roles performed by country takes its social mission.In addition, of its functions determine the structure of the internal organs and apparatuses.In fact, the structure of the activities of the authorities in this case is determined by the relations in the society, which are subject to mandatory regulation by the authorities.It is clear that a change of at least one function of the state has an impact on the activities of its units: come and abolished units are developed a new concept of governance.

worth noting that there is no single definition of "function of the state" becausethis concept can be viewed from different angles.Moreover, many researchers differently differentiated function, tasks, and methods of exposure.APGlebov defines its role as appointing authority, which is realized under the influence of a certain group of public relations.Such relationships are often referred to as a function object.

Some researchers believe that a function of the state is necessary to understand not some activity without sharing the activities of government and concrete steps that it applies.It is important to realize that any definition of the functions of the state can not be unambiguously regarded as correct, or, conversely, annoying.

analyzing the various thematic sources, it is easy to note that the classification of a particular country as a function of power is fairly subjective.In addition, uniquely made reckoning of a function of the state to any particular type.Today, the study of legal literature, it may be noted completely opposite views on the classification performed their roles in the regulation of social relations.

Considering the most popular in the legal literature signs classification functions of the state, is the following groups:

  • on the objects to which the function;
  • the time duration of a single exposure;
  • of value to society as a whole;
  • on the principle of division of power;
  • on the territorial scope of influence.

learn the basic functions of the state, just pay attention to their division into two categories: internal and external.The former include the role that act exclusively on the social, economic, legal relations within the country.The second group are the functions of the state, which directly or indirectly have an impact on relations with other countries, their groupings and coalitions.

Modern jurists different shared role performed by the state.So, NTShestaev to internal functions include:

  • security;
  • management of the economy;
  • social services;
  • protection of the population;
  • cultural and educational role;
  • nature conservation.

The external functions of the state the researcher reckons:

  • ensuring the sovereignty and defense of the country against external enemies;
  • development of international diplomacy;
  • support economic, cultural and social ties between the various States;
  • investigation of international crimes;
  • environmental protection.

Finally, note that in addition to the basic role of the state, there are specific features that arise as a result of policies (both external and internal), the socio-economic situation, social attitudes.