How to make a formwork for strip foundation with his own hands

If you are thinking about how to make a formwork for strip foundation, we must be guided by the recommendations of the expert.

Features selection formwork

before a formwork for strip foundation, it is necessary to estimate the range of building materials on the market of the goods concerned.In addition, the formwork can be rented, it may be the only solution.If you spend building your own home, then this option is not well suited, as an exception in the case of acts, when acquired permanent formwork.If we consider all possible options, the production casing is the most appropriate option.This involves the use of a material that will form the basis for further construction in the construction works.

Materials for formwork

If you are wondering how to make the formwork for strip foundation, then you need to decide what materials will be used in the process.A common option for acts of edged board.It is used, among other things, plywood, laminated necessary to use this kind of material, since it can withstand fill more than once.If you are using Edged board, it is preferable to perform shields.

feature independent manufacturing formwork

When assembling the panels using edged boards should be noted that among the elements should be no gap, this is only the flow of the solution.

can use elements of different lengths and widths, the assembly is preferable to use nails, but in order to reinforce the panels and do not allow them to disperse, you should use the cross.If you think about how to make the formwork for the foundation, step by step instructions provided in the article, will it work correctly.Boards need to shoot down on the inside and on the back of the nails should be bent.Given the dimensions of the foundation of the future, we can calculate the distance between the cross boards, it would eliminate the distortion.Among other things, the manufacture of the formwork must take into account the height of the future structure.The higher the base, the thicker should be bars for shuttering.This applies to the crossbars.In the next step you can start assembling the boards from carrying out these works will depend on the quality of the foundation.

Recommendations for mounting boards

If you think seriously about the question of how to make the formwork for strip foundation, it is necessary to take into account that when fixing can be used and screws, which is the most common option.The features of the screws, it can be said that their use implies a thread cutting in wood, this mount is considered the most successful for the formwork.It is characterized by the ruggedness and reliability.Adjust the position of the casing elements should be using level and square.The verticality of the panels, you can check the level of simple construction, while gidrouroven be used to check the overall design.

Many masters, before a formwork for strip foundations, and think more about how to make the work of dismantling.To carry out data manipulation can be very simple.To facilitate these operations, the surfaces need to wrap the boards in the paper, which must be pre-treated oil.

Features manufacturing removable formwork

before a formwork for strip foundation, it is worth considering that it can be permanent, as the material when it is possible to use not only wood but also aluminum and steel sheets, can andcombined.Quite often used polyvinyl chloride-based coating that provides relief of assembling and dismantling the formwork.Steel formwork used, as a rule, for the construction of complex structures.This is being built monolithic formwork.In order to facilitate the process, you can use the metal frame into which the wooden boards.

requirements for the formation of the formwork

If you will be self-formed formwork for the foundation, how to make their own hands such a structure, it is important to know, because otherwise can not avoid mistakes.When assembling formwork necessary to provide the least possible clearance between the elements, removable formwork must have lower adhesion to the concrete.If the molding slits were formed from one of five 5 mm, it is necessary to dispose of them via tow.If cracks have formed more impressive width, then they need to drive a rack.In order to bind the wall formwork, you can use the wire rod.

Recommendations specialist

If you are thinking about how to correctly do the formwork for the foundation, it is necessary to remember the arrangement of sand preparation, it is necessary to form so that the thickness was 150 mm.

Materials for use of permanent shuttering

If you own will be made formwork for the foundation, how to do it with your hands, you need to know.If you choose to perform a permanent formwork, you can use arbolit or polystyrene.The first version of the material is made by mixing technology wood raw material in the form of chips and the solution.If this type of formwork used, the walls are obtained that are already insulated.This will provide a structure which is significantly cheaper brickwork, inter alia, it will occupy less space.Expanded polystyrene, though it is considered a suitable material for the casing, but it is not entirely safe.

Features of erection of permanent formwork

order to produce work using Styrofoam or arbolita, units must be connected by means of special locks, which are provided on the product.The technology used is the same as that used in the construction of the brick wall.The grooves will need to insert a valve that will provide additional rigidity, it will then only need to pour concrete.Such formwork is typically used in the construction of buildings with a small number of floors.

If you follow the recommendations, which were presented in the article, then you'll have a strong formwork.