Swimming pool in a greenhouse.

In the hot summer every owner of a country house or villa come equipped with the idea in the garden private pool.It stops only one - time-consuming maintenance.It is necessary to filter the water, as well as conduct regular cleaning of the pool of debris and leaves, or something to conceal.

Pool greenhouse

much easier to care for an indoor pool.Yes, and you can use it for much longer than the open.Typically, this period stretches from mid-spring until the onset of autumn.If you set the heater, do not need to wait for a sunny day to use the pool can be in any weather.But the construction of premises for the pool will be costly.An alternative would be a swimming pool in a greenhouse.This usually takes the form of a standard design with a base size of 3x4 meters.The main material for the walls of a greenhouse - polycarbonate.

pool in the greenhouse polycarbonate: benefits

Installing indoor premises of polycarbonate over the pool has a number of advantages:

  • greenhouse sold in a set, so there is no need to re-buy component parts for assembly;
  • pool in a greenhouse hide you from prying eyes;
  • in the greenhouse, you can maintain a comfortable temperature even in rainy weather;
  • water in the indoor pool will be equally warm;
  • wall greenhouses well protect holidaymakers from insects.

In the end, resting in the country or in their own homes, swimming pool in a greenhouse polycarbonate (photo) can be used for bathing the whole family.We should not be afraid of the wind, rain, and extreme temperatures, as a closed dome greenhouses provide reliable protection.And thanks to the solid stainless frame pool in the greenhouse polycarbonate can last you more than a dozen years.

material and shape of the greenhouse

When choosing a cover for the pool is made, then it is time to turn to find the most greenhouse.It is recommended to choose only the structure with polycarbonate.This material has good insulating properties and retains heat better than others.Space frame can be made of different materials.When self-installing greenhouses are commonly used wooden beams.Outside sheathe sheets of polycarbonate.If you buy ready-made kit, the foundation of the greenhouse is made of metal.Not less attention should be paid to the form and greenhouses.In winter, the need to eliminate the collapse of the dome.Experienced gardeners prefer to choose a greenhouse with a ceiling in the form of vault.In this form of the snow does not accumulate on the roof, eliminating the sagging areas.

Choosing and installing the pool polycarbonate

Once mounted greenhouse polycarbonate, ready to install the pool itself.You can buy a ready-made container or make it yourself.On the market there are many manufacturers, but preference is given to only the well-known firms that have a good reputation.

The purchase price varies considerably depending on the enclosing scope and materials used in production.It is necessary to take into account that the pool wall must only consist of thick polypropylene film.

volume pool may be different.For adult enough to 10 cubic meters.This option is quite spacious, so if your budget is limited, you can choose a smaller size.For children usually build small bath.

can plunge pool in a greenhouse in the ground or above the ground to build.It all depends on the individual preferences of the owner.Experts do not recommend leaving the water for the winter.In the cold season, even drained the pool to keep the best in the greenhouse.

Features material used

specialists prefer basins made from propylene.This material is prepared on the basis of polymers.The propylene film has high barrier properties.It gives the product resistance to fats and oils, some acids, to high and low temperatures.Thick film of a propylene has no smell and taste, but has a high strength and low density.Made in Russia, so it is search and purchase is not present labor.Polypropylene film has better waterproofing properties.The liquid, however, subject to the integrity of the shell, any leakage of water are excluded.The material is most suitable for making containers pool.

mode swim in the pool

temperature in the greenhouse is much higher than on the street.Therefore, in the hot do not recommend swimming there in the afternoon.The air is superheated from 12 to 16 hours.The best time to visit the indoor pool in the greenhouse (pictured) will be the morning or evening.As you visit the south of the resort, you need to create a regime of swimming.

Particular care should watch out for children.It is necessary to control that they do not spend much time in the greenhouse.This will help to prevent overheating of the body and make the vacation more enjoyable.