Brief biography of Ivan Kalita, the Great Prince of Moscow

brief biography of Ivan Kalita is very similar to the biographies of many other Russian princes of the era.However, our hero has managed to stand out their activities in this series.First of all, that it laid the foundation for the future economic and political power in Moscow.What the future has become a springboard for the great achievements of Ivan the Terrible, was created largely Ivan Kalita.Brief biography of the prince starts in the second half of the XIII century.Presumably in 1283.

brief biography of Ivan Kalita: early years

future ruler was the youngest son of Moscow Prince Daniil Aleksandrovich (and grandson of the famous Alexander Nevsky).Already in 1296 he became his father's deputy in Novgorod.In 1304 he received his first important experience of a commander in the battles with the Tver princes of the city Pereyaslavl.The episode ended with the victory of the young prince.For a long time the youngest member of the princely family remained in the shadow of Yuri Danilovich, his older brother, who ran Moscow.But a brief biography of Ivan Kalita takes a sharp turn in 1320.Both brothers are sent to the Horde of Khan's label on the board of the Russian lands.As a result of this voyage, the elder brother was going to reign in Novgorod, and the youngest at the disposal goes to Moscow.

Ivan Kalita.Briefly on board

ascended to the throne, Prince established himself sufficiently strong and sustained politician.He regularly went to the Horde, which allowed him to gain the confidence and the location of Khan Uzbek.In material terms, this resulted in a relative calm for calm and grace of his inheritance in the period when the rest of the Russian land had to pay high enough wages khan Baskakov.As a result of a favorable climate Muscovy was extensively updated with refugees from other lands.Grew his city, the well-being of local boyars, enlivened by craft.Brief biography of Ivan Kalita is inherently linked to the rise of Moscow over the other Russian principalities.In 1325 in Moscow he was transferred to the Department of the Orthodox Metropolitan, making it not only an important economic and craft center, but also the spiritual center of the whole Russian land.Ivan Kalita quite skillfully used the favorable circumstances for it to take shape.The trick, deceit, political determination and the ability to use the weakness of opponents allowed him to greatly expand the limits of his inheritance.They were bought Uglich.For a long time the struggle lasted for domination with an old rival, Duke Alexander Mikhailovich of Tver.In 1327 there was a murder in Tver baskak Horde.Ivan Kalita Khan Uzbek hastily assured of his loyalty and willingness to contribute to the punishment of the perpetrators.This gave him the go-ahead Khan on a military campaign against Tver using the Horde forces as well as the further right to rule the city and gather your own tribute to Khan.I tried to Moscow prince attached to his possessions and the largest city in Northern Russia, Novgorod.However, this campaign ended in defeat for him.Ivan Kalita died in 1340, leaving the throne to his heir Simeon the Proud.