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Few of the fair sex can boast of a healthy skin.Prima world podiums and film star, shining at social events, envy perfectly smooth complexion.But more often it is not a natural beauty, and high-quality cosmetics.

foundation makeup is a great powder.Review, photos and detailed descriptions of the most popular beauty-products you find in our rankings.

How to choose?

selection of cosmetics - a rather complicated process, which is exacerbated by the large number of offers from well-known manufacturers.Buying powder may take much longer, because here there are many subtleties and its secrets.Let's talk about what are the icing:

- a tonal basis - approach owners of normal or dry skin, but to cope with a large number of irregularities or wrinkles can hardly;

- compact powder - a best friend that is always at hand;

- highlighter - accentuate the shape of the face, but if used incorrectly - all the shortcomings;

- antiseptic - for problem skin inflammations;

- transparent powder - for professionals, smoothes the skin and is most often applied on top of the foundation;

- loose powder, enriched with minerals;

- cream powder - is a matte effect that allows you to permanently preserve the complexion without greasy;

- balloons - for day and evening make-up, give radiance;

- baked powder - has a slightly moist texture, so can be easily adapted to your skin.

So, if you have already decided on the brand and the views of powder in front of you gets another difficult task - to select the tone.Here there are two scenarios:

  1. you use foundation and want to buy powder.You go to the store and buy the same shade in the line of the same brand.It is important to remember that while the differences in the color of foundation and powder makeup will look untidy.An exception is the transparent powder.
  2. you only use powder.In this case, with the choice of a suitable color will have a little tough, and even seek the assistance of consultants.The Board of Cosmetology: Apply the tester about the eyebrows on the bridge.It is for this area is easiest to understand the suitability of the skin color.

normal, dry or oily

Another, no less significant landmark - a type of skin.You can not just decide what is right for you, for example, transparent powder.

reviews the fair sex with dry skin calls attention to cream powder.It retains moisture and does not let the sun's rays.Do not forget about nourishing cream that replenish minerals.

Owners of oily skin are in constant search of an agent capable of rid of the hated face shine.There can not do without high-quality matting powder.

However, the most difficult problem is put in a situation with a combination skin, where a means matting T-zone.Do not despair, help will come at a good cream powder, or a pair of "base + loose powder."

Problem skin

deserves special attention problem skin.Nobody wants to flaunt acne, black spots and large pores.However, in an attempt to disguise their "problems" or improper means to girls and women make the biggest mistake.The skin condition is getting worse, it is suffocating under a layer of makeup, without which it is hard to do.

So, to avoid falling into a vicious circle, first, you need to read the label.Tools for problem skin need:

- not clog pores;

- do not contain oils;

- be antibacterial.

only the best one is a mineral powder.Comments and opinions of the majority of cosmetologists are advised to pay attention to the loose powder, because the compact contains more coarse particles that can aggravate inflammation.

In addition, a significant role played by the content of SPF.Sunlight also negatively affect the condition of problem skin.


selection of quality powder does not tolerate economy, it's your health and beauty.Of course, the brand, cosmetic products which spreads via catalogs, too, have their women customers.But our "modest" rating they are because of their qualities were not included.

One of the most popular beauty-brands is Clarins.Her story began in 1954, when Paris was inaugurated Institute of Beauty Clarins, who presented the first batch of natural oils.After 26 years of cosmetic brand products go to the international level.

It is worth noting that the two samples submitted by us are the best, according to the real reviews.Serious shortcomings or discrepancies with the information from the manufacturer have been identified.

Ever Matte

This is the only powder in the line of Clarins, having matte effect.A special set of "Stop-Brilliance" combines the purity of mineral pigments and the use of plant extracts.According to the promises of the marketers, powder makes the skin perfectly smooth, eliminates the fat shine and tightens pores.

Ever Matte - the most popular compact powder.Reviews are mostly not just positive, but more like an ode of praise.Because of the advantages of women customers say:

- saving matte leather from 3 to 5 hours depending on the individual;

- easy to carry and to correct makeup during the day;

- light floral aroma;

- soft texture;

- democratic price.

Skin Illusion

A unique light and gentle care presents another beauty-product of Clarins.Skin Illusion - mineral loose powder, which contains no oil, and therefore suitable even the most sensitive skin.

created based on plant extracts and minerals, powder securely masks minor flaws and gives resistant coating.Lightweight texture provides a perfect complexion.

Many women customers say healthy look and shine, which gives Skin Illusion.The pores are not clogged, and peeling and wrinkles are not emphasized - these are the main advantages of the beauty-product.

Loose face powder, reviews of which are presented in this review, is available along with the convenient brush in six shades.

Meteorites Guerlain

Guerlain has extensive experience in the development of decorative cosmetics class "luxury".It is not surprising that the experts of the brand managed to create a powder, which touched the hearts of women.This is a fabulous series Meteorites Perles.

Amazing multicolored pearls - that's what a "ball" powder.Review each of the fair sex of it is filled with joy.Small balls are perfectly flat shape and color depending on the different functions:

- pale green hide redness;

- white - is clarified;

- give golden glow;

- purple reflect light.

flawless in all respects powder has another incredibly nice feature - the scent of violets, which captivates from the first stroke.In fact, such a powder is not a necessity - it's more like self-indulgence.It gives luster and shine of the skin and some mattes - in the majority of buyers converge.However, to put the "magic pearls" via weightless puff must be on top of a cream or a tonal framework, so as not to stress the visible skin imperfections.

experts Guerlain, watching demand for Meteorites Perles, decided that the demand will be similar to compact powder.Reviews of girls and women 100% confirmed the validity of these conjectures.In a moment of perfect balls turned bright mosaic, and the palette, aroma and properties remain the same.Meteorites in the new format is easy to carry in a handbag - add precious skin radiance is now possible at any time.

Herself sculptor

Blanc de Perle - tonal foundation or matting powder, which reviews of all editions extremely enthusiastic women.The matter is that its amazing quality, which are able to give a great complexion.

All three shades, presented in a single product, blend with your skin and reliably hide imperfections.In addition, experts Guerlain promise a feeling of lightness and weightlessness, and the amazing glow.Lipophobic hydrophobic powder and allow you to adjust the appearance of excess sebum and shine, sunscreens prevent the formation of age spots.

delicate aroma of pink pepper, mint and white flowers is a nice addition, however, as the luxurious white cover.Not very practical, but elegant and noble.

tanning effect

news Terracotta first appeared in 1984.Today in the "sun" series presented:

- several kinds of tonal framework;

- a means of protection from the sun;

- Serum prolongs the tan;

- tinted self-tanning gel;

- bronzer powder.

Reviews shoppers especially isolated Terracotta Light.The texture of this powder is very light and hardly felt on the skin.In a mosaic of five perfectly matched colors added to the gold particles, which give the skin soft and radiant tanning effect.

Like other beauty-products of Guerlain, this powder has a special flavor.At first you will feel bright notes of bergamot and mandarin, which comes to replace the feminine ylang-ylang, jasmine and gardenia.Rounding out the skillful composition of woody notes combined with vanilla.


Laboratory Clinique one of the first to market cosmetics fragrance free, non-allergenic.Decorative cosmetics and care products today are created with the latest developments and clinical studies cycle.

in this review will be presented to the two best-selling popular brand.

Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder - Compact powder matting.Reviews permanent buyers confirm the absence of shine on the face of a fairly long time, and in some cases even during the day.Using microscopic bubbles occurs neutralization emitted fat, but at the same time means provokes inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

achieve tighter application can be using sponge and mild "veil" because of the brush will appear.

Anti Blemish Solutions

brand Clinique is proud that all products are hypoallergenic.Anti Blemish Solutions for problem skin - this is the perfect powder.Reviews about the new support immediate effect "masking."

smoothing, well-groomed appearance without the greasy, flawless finish and comfortable feeling on the skin promises manufacturer.Furthermore, uniquely formulated to withstand moisture, sweat or water.Do not dry the skin.


In 1872, Japan was created a small chain of pharmacies under the supervision of Arinobu Fukahara.In those days about the dangers of cosmetics nobody thought a woman for the sake of beauty, without knowing it, even poisoned himself with toxic substances.Fukahara decided to change the situation, and soon came the first commercially available foundation - so the new history of Shiseido.

Today, the brand produces a decorative and medical cosmetics, combining Eastern philosophy and the latest developments.

Translucent Loose Powder, in the opinion of women and girls, is worthy of the title of "Best Powder".Reviews say it incredible properties that skin just glows from within.

Amazingly light texture, easy application gentle puff and matting quality liking many of the fair sex.

Transusent Loose Powder - weightless powder, which hardly conceals redness and small pimples.This, according to buyers, is the only negative.

Fashion from PUPA

care line for face and body care, makeup, perfume and other beauty-products from the Italian brand Pupa Russians have long loved.

company's experts do not cease to please us with quality and Luminys Baked Face Powder "silk effect" - is one of them.

This baked powder, reviews of which surpass all expectations.Some of the girls are willing to personally thank its founders.So, what are we promised?

- smoothing the skin;

- masking deficiencies;

- natural complexion.

Surprisingly, most shoppers all confirm.However, no defects could not have done.Powder dries the skin, so before applying it is better to use a moisturizer or BB-Cream.In addition, for problem skin such means it is not necessary.

In contrast to the above cosmetic products, the brand Pupa refers to the mass market, but the price of powder slightly lower than the Clinique, for example.It can also be attributed to the "minus".

Korean cosmetics

completed our small survey, it would be wrong to ignore the makeup of Korean manufacturers.Recently, many of the fair sex are popular brands Tony Moly, SkinFood and Holika Holika.

It is worth noting that, in our understanding of the resources from the Korean cosmeticians do not give the same "effect powders".Reviews permanent buyers are reminded that in Asia is considered to be a beautiful glowing skin, and hence on the matte face is silence.Although exceptions still occur.

In any case, it is important to learn to use such means as powder.Reviewed by a professional makeup artist tips and tell you how to emphasize strengths and hide minor flaws of your skin.