What date Honey Spas?

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At the end of summer, people often wonder about the kind of Honey Spas, because in August, so many holidays, they follow one another, it is difficult not to confuse.Among them there are several Orthodox - three great Saviour.The first of these should be Honey, celebrate his fourteenth number.The second, or Apple - nineteenth.The third, or Nut - the twenty-ninth.All of them are considered to be great.Each time not to remember how many Honey Spas, you can buy the Orthodox calendar, everything is important for Christians marked.

have described the festival there are many other names - Spasovka, Gourmet, Christ on the water Bee (Honey) holiday, but still hold the summer.All versions here this holiday came from and take the observations of our ancestors.


for beekeepers is very important, how many Honey Spas, because on this day they collect honey bees gained for the whole summer.Then the product is supposed to refer to the church and to sanctify.And only then can use honey as food.Many beekeepers on this day usually took him a little more, so that you can still give to the poor children and the church.Those thanked for honey and want beekeeper health and good luck for the whole year.

Returning home, beekeepers ate bread consecrated honey, cereals, cakes and pastries, as well as those treated to all the neighbors and visitors who came to him.Sanctified honey attributed the life-giving properties, not just the ability to support the immune system.

Honey Spas in 2013 - a farewell summer.Daylight decreases and the night is gradually getting longer.Nature begins to prepare for the onset of autumn.Folk omens say that this day ends the blooming roses, and migratory birds are preparing to withdraw from their homes and begin their long journey to warmer climes.Farmers began to harvest and sow winter crops.They said that if we begin to sow before, nothing will grow.

According holiday?

also believed that what weather we will meet August 14 (Honey Spas), the same will and Walnut.

celebrate this holiday made the big, full of dishes table.Usually on this day gather all the family and close friends.Prepare dishes with honey.For example, pancakes, pies, cakes, candy, cereal.Farmers baked duck in honey, and sometimes a whole pig.The main thing is that no one is left hungry.The traditional drink for the holiday table is mead.How many years ago, on this day they go to church and thank God for all that they have.


So how many Honey Spas, we found out, and now we learn, what the people there are saying about this day.They are quite a few - are just a few:

  • Honey Spas passed - no longer will bring bee honey.
  • at first Spas collect cell, as a strange honey bees away.
  • When the first rain will be saved, so fire will not happen.

Conclusion This is one of the first holidays, which is dedicated to Jesus Christ.After it begins very strict Dormition Fast, which lasts two weeks (until Hazel Saviour).