How to write calendar and thematic planning

is one calendar-thematic plan of teachers in teaching institutions rather superficially.But this document is one of the most important in the work of the teacher.Planning allows you to systematically implement the objectives, as well as regulates the activity of the teacher on the implementation of the program material.This document is one of the most important criteria by which we can estimate the professionalism of teachers.

common form of which is composed of calendar-thematic plan, the themes employment, date of the event, the number of hours devoted to the study of the material.However, the teacher can supplement the document introducing the new graphs, it needs.For example, some institutions recommend required to leave the place in a note, because planning is promising and for the year may be subject to adjustment.Also for the convenience of the teacher can be entered column "Content", which summarizes the thesis describes the concepts discussed in class.

Before you start calendar-thematic lesson planning, it is recommended all the material to break certain blocks.It should be anticipated that some topics need to be tied to calendar dates and holidays.The success of the assimilation of information depends largely on how the material is fed.One of the main rules here - systematic.

For calendar-thematic plan of biology must take into account seasonal changes in nature, that children were not only easier to navigate in the received information, but in tying it to the practice.In the classroom technology material for crafts can serve a variety of materials.In the fall of this fallen leaves and buds and fruits of spring - flowers, and so on. D. Seasons are taken into account in planning and other subjects.

At the end of the school year it is important to analyze the results.This will avoid previous errors, which may occur when the compiled calendar and thematic planning.Some schools young teachers give about a document drawn up in the past by other teachers.In fact, it is not always acceptable, since the change is not only programs and their maintenance.It is necessary to take into account the features of today's children, the differences between groups of students together.After all, what is right for one class will not always be the best option for another.

Calendar-thematic plan should be constructed in such a way that each unit in order was placed separately and isolated.Dates recommended to print on the entire school year.If there are changes, they contribute in a separate column as notes.The theme must be formulated clearly, succinctly and concisely.If the planned practical work, they can be taken separately, calling the Count, for example, "Workshop".

Despite the fact that in the process of document will certainly be corrected, the basic principles and areas important to think in advance.Properly drafted and detailed planning will help if the teacher was ill, and his replacement came another teacher who is not familiar with the class.If the document is correctly made, the lessons will take place as efficiently as possible and with a good return.