Son of the Blessed Virgin - the struggle of the Orthodox Church with the manifestation of heresy

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«Son of the Most Holy Mother of God", according to the official church - is "weeds" as opposed to "wheat" - the Word of God.Translated from the church into the language of everyday communication "weeds" - a wicked fiction, discrediting the Most Holy Mother of God.

«Son of the Blessed Virgin" - heresy, forbidden to print.Nowhere in any church book about it there is no mention.Who they are written when - is unknown.Specifically, we can only talk about the purpose of their creation, which is the substitution of the postulates of Orthodoxy, the fight against official religion in which there are no forbidden techniques.

70 years of domination over atheism postulates Scripture

Until 1917 "Act of God" in all primary schools has been a compulsory subject.Good or bad - still argue.But the man from childhood knew the history of the rise of Christianity, he was familiar with the true content of spiritual literature.

After 70-year reign of atheism literate people in this area (which is not all believers), not so much.The need for divine protection is great, knowledge is not enough, and that there are errors.

Some sources say that the first "Son of the Blessed Virgin" is mentioned in the 12th century.Most likely, the legend arose in order to make "work" weightiness.

History of the "dreams" of the Holy Mother of God

around these writings (and they should only be hand-written) a lot of "experts", interpreting (each in its own way) the correct reading of "Dream."

The reason is that "the Son of the Blessed Virgin" has been an enormous demand.It always has been - along with the official religion there were dozens of "scientists" sects, "grandmothers", sorcerers, psychics.

Now it has developed legends, claiming that "the Son of the Blessed Virgin" (77 prayers taken as a basis) - the most powerful talisman.And for the person who owns them all, there is no obstacle or threat.The number of "Dreams" will vary, up to a hundred.Some sources report the presence of "podsnov."That is a definite science develops.Arguing about what kind of prayer help in a particular case.

believed that "Dreams" - a prayer, even though they are in the form of construction and substantially correspond to prayer - conversation with God.In "Dreams" there are narrative elements: where the Virgin Mary came to where she caught a dream in which locality.

However, according to hundreds of adherents, these prayers are very effective.They rewrite and rewrite.On many sites, "Dreams of the Blessed Virgin" reviews are not only positive, but also enthusiastic.

How to create amulets

And one of them is very "original" language described by creating your own ritual talisman.Recommended ink, only black and just bought, add three drops of his blood, be sure to take a fountain pen, very white paper, light the candles and focus.Started writing, we must remember that is supposed to rewrite a lot of time since you can create a ward, but writing it in one breath, without a single blot.When performing this ceremony is also expected profuse perspiration, which wipes special handkerchief.Then the candles burned on a handkerchief.The ashes are spread by the wind.But it is necessary to monitor the flight.And if he gets in the face, that is, come back, you must immediately begin writing another prayer.

signs of sectarianism "Dreams»

Even a dense people can not help but notice here the elements of sectarianism.And the blood - all from evil.But increased demand always finds satisfaction, especially in our time, thanks to the Internet.Here and printed texts, it would seem, in principle, inadmissible.Dozens of advice and stories from personal experience.And then, the statement "Well, because help is" totally disarms.A man asks for help on the recommendations of friends and said that he had found her.