The terms of appointment and the disability pension

Pensioners and people who have a limited ability to work, living on the territory of Russia are entitled to receive benefits, appointed by the government.People with disabilities - a special group of people who need help and care not only from the state but also by other citizens.The state assistance to these persons is governed by regulations and laws.These payments are assigned, regardless of when it occurred disability: to employment, during employment or after the completion of employment.

Conditions for obtaining

labor disability pension, according to the law, a person can receive, which have limited ability to work.Depending on your degree of restriction assigned to the first, second or third degree, which sets medical-social examination.The first degree shall be appointed for two years, two and three are appointed for one year.Depending on the set of a certain level of benefits.

With the appropriate order details can be found in the decision of the Government № 95. Persons with Disabilities recognizes the following categories of citizens:

- persons with the same impairment of bodily functions;

- persons with disabilities in a partial or complete loss of function, are not able to engage in self-employed, to communicate, to travel, to study, to control the behavior and in need of additional measures of social protection.

labor pension is granted irrespective of length of service, but not necessarily, if any.Those who do not have insurance experience, may receive social benefits, who are appointed not earlier than sixty years for men and fifty-five years for women.

Disability pension

first group aid is granted at a rate of one hundred percent of the old-age pension.Disability pension 2 group is ninety percent and 3 group only reaches fifty percent.

Invalids of the first degree on April 1, can count on a fixed base payment of $ 6557.19 rubles, the second - 3278.59 rubles, the third - 1639.30 rubles.Full pension is calculated according to the formula: SCCR / (m × K) + Baz, where the PC is meant the calculated pension capital T - the number of months of planning period of pension payment, K - is calculated as the standard length of pensionable service divided by 180 months.Under B refers to a fixed basic amount of payments.

Social benefits for disabled children first and second groups, as well as the first group for people who do not have any work experience to obtain a retirement pension will amount to 8341.44 rubles, second-degree amount to 4170.72 rubles 3545 will amount to the third degree,12 rubles.If you have dependents amount increases considerably.

size of the disability pension, which was obtained due to the disease while serving for the first group was increased to 10,426.79 rubles, second- 8341.43 rubles 6253.07 rubles tretey-.

Payments for war invalids, that is, benefits for persons with disabilities, which came as a result of war injuries, in the event that it is a consequence of contusions, wounds, injuries, first degree totaled 12,512.15 rubles, second-10,426.79 rubles tretey- 7298.75 rubles.On these grounds shall be appointed for the payment of soldiers and officers of ATS.

disability payments for the "Chernobyl" was as follows: first degree for people with disabilities - 20,853.61 rubles, second- 10,426.79 rubles.Disability pension 3 groups of this category of persons was 5213.4 rubles.

Terms purpose

benefits can only be assigned for the entire term of the establishment of the group.Women and men who have reached retirement age, benefits are established only for life and can not be removed.

If in the course of a medical examination has been changed disability, then the new size of the grant will be paid from the date of entry changes.If the degree of disability was modified downward, until the end of the month, the allowance is paid in accordance with the previous group.