What is the water, the importance of water in human life

most familiar and the most incredible substance on Earth - water.The importance of water can not be overemphasized in the life of all living things on the planet, it is present in every moment of our existence.As the predominant element in the composition of any organism, water and directs its life.

water in nature

Humanity throughout the life trying to unravel the mystery of this amazing and contradictory elements.As she emerged as a hit on our planet?Probably no one will be able to answer this question, but everybody knows that the value of water in nature and human life unimaginably large.One thing is absolutely true - Today the water reserves in the world as much as it was at the birth of the universe.

unique properties of water when heated to shrink and expand when it freezes - one more reason to be surprised.No other substance has no such properties.And its ability to move from one state to another, so familiar and at the same time, amazing, playing a crucial role, enables all living organisms exist on earth.Universal Mind reserved water main parties in sustaining life and participation in the ever-ongoing natural processes.

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water cycle

This process is called the hydrological cycle is a continuous circulation of water that falls from the hydrosphere and the earth's surface into the atmosphere, and then back again.The cycle involves four processes:

  • evaporation;
  • condensation;
  • rainfall;
  • runoff.

Once on the ground, part of the precipitation evaporates, condenses, and the other part through the drain fills the ponds, and the third refers to the groundwater, goes underground.So, constantly moving, feeding waterways, plants and animals and keeping their own stocks, roams, protecting the earth and water.The importance of water is obvious and indisputable.

cycle mechanism and its kinds

In nature there is a great circulation (the so-called world), as well as two small - continental and oceanic.Gathering over oceans are carried by winds and rain falls on the continent, and then again back into the ocean to the drain.The process, when ocean water continuously evaporates, condenses and then dropping into the ocean in the form of precipitation is called the small oceanic circulation.And all similar processes occurring over land, come together in a small continental cycling, the protagonist of which is water.Its importance in the natural processes of continuous circulation, maintain the water balance of the earth and ensure the existence of living organisms, no doubt.

Water and man

not having a nutritional value in the conventional concept of water - the basic component of any living organism, including humans.No one can live without water.Two-thirds of a part of any organism is water.The importance of water is essential for the proper functioning of all systems and organs.

Over the life of people daily come into contact with water, using it for drinking and cooking, hygiene, leisure and heating.On Earth, there will be no more valuable
natural material, so vital and indispensable as water.Without food long enough periods of time, a person can not live without water, and 8 days, since dehydration within 8% of body weight in humans begin fainting, hallucinations cause 10% and 20% bound to cause death.

Why is it so important the water for a person?It turns out that water regulates all basic life processes:

  • normalizes moisture oxygen, increasing its absorption;
  • performs thermal regulation of the body;
  • dissolves nutrients, helping the body in their assimilation;
  • moisturizes and provides protection to vital organs;
  • forms a protective lubricant for the joints;
  • improves metabolic processes in the activities of body systems;
  • helps evacuate waste from the body.

How to maintain the water balance

The average person loses 2-3 liters of water a day.In more extreme conditions, for example, heat, high humidity and physical stress increases water loss.To maintain normal physiological water balance should balance the flow of water to its excretion by the competent drinking regime.

's make some calculations.Given that the daily human need for water - 30-40 grams per 1 kg of body weight and about 40% of total demand comes from food, the rest should be taken as a drink.In summer, the daily water consumption corresponds to 2-2.5 liters.Hot regions of the world dictate their demands - 3.5-5.0 liters, and in extremely hot conditions up to 6.0-6.5 liters of water.We can not allow dehydration.Alarming symptoms of this trouble are dry skin, itchy, tired, a sharp decline in concentration, blood pressure, headaches and general malaise.

useful effect

interesting that, taking direct part in metabolic processes, water contributes to weight loss.The general perception is a misconception that people wishing to lose weight you need to drink less water because the body retains water, causing considerable damage.It is impossible to drive your own body into an even more stressful, knocking him out of the usual water exchange.Besides moisture, being a natural diuretic, tones the kidneys, causing weight loss.

obtain the optimum amount of water, the man adds strength, energy and endurance.It is easier to control weight, because even psychological discomfort from the forced change with a decrease in the usual diet is transferred easily.Scientific studies have shown that daily consumption of sufficient amounts of clean water helps fight serious ailments - helps to reduce back pain, migraine symptoms, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels and blood pressure.In addition, toning the kidneys, water hinders the process of stone formation.It is proved that people with a creative beginning tend to drink a lot, and great artists to create masterpieces pushed seawater.The value of water comes out, and is important in art.

Water exchange of plants

As a man, water is necessary for any plant.Different plants, it is 70 to 95% by weight, controlling all the processes.The metabolism of the plant is possible only when large amounts of moisture, so the value of water for plants undeniably large.Dissolving minerals in the soil, water delivers them to the plant, providing them with continuous inflow.Without water, the seeds will not germinate, will not occur in green leaves during photosynthesis.Water Filling plant cell viability and provides him with a certain shape retention.

most important condition of the plant organism life support is the ability to absorb water from the outside.Plant yield water, mainly from the soil by the roots, delivers it to the ground parts of the plant where it leaves evaporated.Such water exchange exists in every organic system - water, getting into it gives the nutrients or release, and then, enriched with useful substances that enters the body.

Another amazing way to water penetration into living cells - its osmotic absorption, t. E. The ability of water to accumulate in the cell from the outside solutions, increasing the amount of liquid in the cell.

art water consumption

constant use of clean water significantly improves the mental activity of the brain and the coordination of movement, and, therefore, the importance of water for the life of brain cells is particularly valuable.So a healthy person should not limit yourself to drink, but should follow some rules:

  • drink little and often;
  • it is not necessary to drink a lot of water at once, as the oversupply of fluid in the blood will bring the heart and kidneys unnecessary burden.

So, the importance of water for living organisms is enormous.Therefore, the creation of conditions for the preservation of their own water balance necessary for each person.