Feats of Russian soldiers today.

Outside, the XXI century.But despite this, the military conflicts do not subside, including with the participation of the Russian army.Courage and bravery, valor and courage - qualities of Russian soldiers.Therefore the feats of Russian soldiers and officers require separate and detailed lighting.

As our war in Chechnya

exploits of Russian soldiers today do not leave anyone indifferent.The first example of boundless courage acts tank crew, headed by Yuri Sulimenko.

exploits of Russian soldiers of a tank battalion began in 1994.During the first Chechen war Sulimenko served as commander of the crew.The team showed good results in 1995 and took an active part in the storming of Grozny.The tank battalion was defeated by 2/3 of the personnel.However, brave fighters, led by Yuri did not flee from the battlefield and went to the presidential palace.

Sulimenko Tank was surrounded Dudayev.Team fighters are not surrendered, on the contrary, the beginning of the conduct aimed fire on strategic targets.Al

though outnumbered, Sulimenko Yuri and his crew were able to inflict huge losses militants.

commander was dangerously wounded leg, burns body and face.Viktor Velichko sergeant in able to give him first aid in the burning tank and then delivered to himself in a safe place.These feats of Russian soldiers in Chechnya have not gone unnoticed.Fighters were awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation.

Yuri Igitov - hero posthumously

Often feats of Russian soldiers and officers today are well-known after the death of heroes.That's what happened in the case of Yuri Igitova.Ordinary was awarded the title Hero of Russia posthumously for the performance of duty and the special task.

Yuri took part in Chechen war.Ordinary turned 21, but, despite his youth, he showed courage and valor in the last seconds of his life.Igitova platoon was surrounded Dudayev's fighters.Most of his comrades were killed by numerous shots of the enemy.The brave soldier gave their lives to the last bullet covered the retreat of the surviving soldiers.In the event of an enemy grenade blew Yuri, not surrendering to the enemy.

Evgeny Rodionov - faith in God until his last breath

exploits of Russian soldiers today cause boundless pride of citizens, especially when it comes to the young boys who gave their lives for the peaceful sky above.Unlimited heroism and unwavering faith in God showed Evgeny Rodionov, who under threat of death refused to remove crucifix.

young Eugene was called to serve in 1995.Permanent service was held in the North Caucasus, on the border of Ingushetia and Chechnya point.Together with comrades joined the Guard on 13 February.In its immediate task, the soldiers stopped the ambulance, which transported weapons.After that, the rank and file were captured.

about 100 days the soldiers were subjected to torture, severe beatings and humiliation.Despite the great pain, death threats, the soldiers have not removed the crucifix.For this Eugene beheaded, and the rest of his colleagues were shot on the spot.For martyrdom Yevgeny Rodionov was awarded the Order of Courage posthumously.

Janina Irina - an example of heroism and bravery

exploits of Russian soldiers today - is not only the heroic deeds of men, but also the incredible courage of the Russian women.Sweetheart fragile girl was a member of two military operations as a nurse during the First Chechen War.1999 was the third test in the life of Irene.

31 August 1999 was fatal.Under the threat to his own life nurse Yanina saved more than 40 people, made three trips to the APC in the line of fire.Irina fourth trip ended tragically.During the counterattack the opponent Yanina not only organized lightning load of wounded soldiers, but also to cover the retreat fellow machine-gun fire.

Unfortunately girl in an armored personnel carrier pleased two grenades.The nurse rushed to help the wounded and the commander of the 3rd rank and file.Irina young fighters rescued from certain death, but did not have time to get out of a burning car itself.APC ammunition detonated.

for valor and courage Janina Irina was awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously.Irina is the only woman who has been awarded the title for operations in the North Caucasus.

Green Beret posthumously

exploits of Russian soldiers nowadays known not only in Russia.The story of Sergei Burnaeva leaves no one indifferent.Brown - so named commander of comrades in the service - was in the "Vityaz", a special division of the Interior Ministry.In 2002, the unit was sent to the city of Argun, where he was found underground weapons depot with numerous tunnels.

opponents could reach only after passing an underground hole.The first went to Sergey Burnaev.Opponents opened fire at the soldier, who was able to answer the call darkness militants.Comrades, hurry to help, that's when Brown saw a grenade which rolled toward the soldiers.Without hesitation Sergei Burnaev closed grenade with his body, thereby saving his colleagues from certain death.

for the feat Sergei Burnaeva was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.At school, where he studied, was a memorial plaque to remember the exploits of the young Russian soldiers and officers today.Parents maroon beret was awarded in memory of the brave soldier.

Beslan: no one is forgotten

exploits of Russian soldiers and officers of today are the best proof of boundless courage of men in uniform.September 1, 2004 became a black day in the history of North Ossetia and Russia.Beslan school siege did not leave anyone indifferent man.Is no exception and Andrey Turkin.The lieutenant took an active part in the operation to free the hostages.

Andrey Turkin at the beginning of the rescue operation was wounded, but did not leave the school.Thanks to the professional skills of the lieutenant took a favorable position in the dining room, where they were placed about 250 hostages.The militants have been eliminated, thus increasing the chances of a successful outcome of the operation.

However, the terrorists came to the aid of the insurgent from here to the active action grenade.Turkin, without hesitation, rushed to the bandit, holding the device between themselves and the enemy.Such action has saved the lives of innocent children.The lieutenant posthumously became Hero of the Russian Federation.

Combat Sun

The usual routine military service too often makes the feat of Russian soldiers.Sergei Dory or battalion sun in 2012 during a military exercise has become hostage to the situation, the output of which was quite a feat.By saving his soldiers from death, the battalion commander closed his own body activated the grenade, which flew from the edge of the parapet.Thanks to the dedication of Sergei managed to avoid the tragedy.Battalion commander was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation.

Whatever feats of Russian soldiers today, everyone should remember the valor and courage of the soldiers of the army.Only the memory of the actions of each of these characters is a reward for his bravery, which cost them their lives.