What are the opening words and why they are needed

Anyone who starts studying closely the great and mighty Russian language, faced with such a concept as the opening remarks.What are the opening words?Let's see it.

called general introductory word at the formal level has nothing to do with the rest of the proposal.Such words explicate attitude of the speaker to what he says.Expressed in academic language, introductory words express the mode of text.At the same time the bulk of the proposals often dictum.Introductory words, a list of which we give below may indicate the source of the message and also indicate the relationship between the individual semami in speech.

Such designs are often expressed in the text of the particular words that are used only in this function.This category includes such words as: apparently, so, indeed, therefore, I think, please, in your opinion, first of all, and others.

However, the introductory word can be expressed in many different derivatives of parts of speech in such use.This category includes those parts of speech:

1. Nouns, often with the pretext of (fortunately, unfortunately).

2. substantivized adjectives (most).

3. Verbs in the infinitive, conjugated form or in the form of gerunds with dependent words (by the way, sorry).

4. Adverbs (opposite).

If you want to better understand what the opening words, let's level introductory words in their semantics:

1. Introductory words to express the modal value assessment of the reality imparted by the speaker (perhaps, of course).

2. Introductory words for the emotions (to the surprise, unfortunately).

3. Introductory words that suggest a link thoughts (on the one hand, therefore, finally).

4. Introductory words that suggest ways to design values ​​(a word, so to speak).

5. The introductory words that indicate the source of the message (according to, in terms of ...).

6. Introductory words that embody a call to the other party (sorry, see, please).

7. The introductory words that indicate the assessment of the measures, what is narrated (the most, at least).

8. The introductory words that indicate the degree tend to happen (happens, as usual).

9. Introductory words that express expressive statements (funny to say, honestly).

Now you know a little better what the introductory words.But, despite the fact that the main part of the proposal, this unit is not connected to any ordinative, no subordination relationship, there is a link between semantic.In addition, some introductory words are involved in building the overall modal background.Also, they are often a function of constructing a formal proposal.At times, the role of the introductory words to function union or union speech.Words like: but, on the contrary, however, - to signify adversative relations.Derivative "word", in addition, is generalizing after a series of homogeneous members.

So, introductory words - is an important part of the proposal.Without it, we express our thoughts would be much more difficult.If you are asked what the introductory words - remember this article and you will understand everything at once.