Weight Watchers (diet): reviews.

Like myself, to feel cheerful and healthy pleasure to everyone.Unfortunately, the imperfections of figures and related experiences are often not allowed to enjoy life.In order to bring your body in shape, used a variety of methods, including a varied diet.Notable among these is the Weight Watchers Diet Weight Watchers, founded in 1963, housewife Jean Nedich.During its existence, the diet has undergone various changes, and at the moment has turned into a complete system, designed to correct not only the food, but the psychological state in relation to themselves and others.

Weight Watchers - What is it?

Weight watchers - diet available to everyone.The main feature of this system is its efficiency and the ability to have those products, which used to losing weight.The only ones who do not get involved in such a diet - pregnant women and children under 10 years.If you have a history of any disease, you should consult with your doctor about the possibility of following principles, which offers diet Weight Watchers.As a rule, in the case of chronic illness it is simply a review of the number of products that can be eaten on a daily basis.Thus, restrictions on those who want to bring their body in order with the help of this diet are minimal.

Basic principles of

The diet is based on a simple tenet: you have to move more and eat less.This creates a calorie deficit, and the person begins to lose weight.Quality of food at the same time is given a lot of attention.In order to be clear to everyone that the need is there, and what is not recommended, all products are assigned points.On the day you can get a certain number of points, which is calculated individually.Sometimes it is permissible to use products on most points, but in this case it is necessary to resort to physical activity, which also scored, but with a minus sign.Especially for the followers of the system have been designed tables that calculated how many points you can "eat" the day.

How are points

During the time that there is a diet Weight watchers, points, attributable to a product, changes, and at the moment they are:

  • 60 grams of ground beef is estimated at 1 point;
  • 100 grams roast beef - 3 points;
  • 20 grams of ham or sausage - 1 point;
  • 18 gram meatballs - 1 point;
  • 30 grams of sausage - 2 points;
  • 75 grams of fried liver - 2.5 points;
  • 50 grams of egg - 2 points;
  • 125 grams of roasted poultry - 4 points.

similar estimate is for sweets, cereals, dairy products and fish.For example, here are several products with scores that offers diet Weight Watchers.A table of items can be very different.They are designed for many regions with very specific dishes.

  • 15 g sprats - 1 point;
  • 90 g mackerel - 4 points;
  • 45 g salted herring - 2.5 points;
  • glass of milk or yogurt - 3.5 points;
  • 4 teaspoons of condensed milk - 1 point;
  • 120g pasta - 2 points;
  • 7 grams of chocolate - 1 point;
  • 36 g halva - 1 point;
  • 70 g cake - 7 points;
  • 16 g waffles - 2 points;
  • fruits and vegetables - 0 points.

How many points you can "eat»

each person, depending on the weight, Weight Watchers-eat foods diet allows a certain number of points.They are calculated on the basis of individual predispositions and features.For 10% of the weight in pounds is added 2 points for women and 8 points for men, and then added these scores by age:

  • 4 points, if a person between 17 and 26 years;
  • 3 points - from 27 to 37 years old;
  • 2 points - from 38 to 47 years old;
  • 1 point - from 48 to 58 years;
  • 0 points - over 58 years.

then added:

  • 2 points, if the growth of more than 1.78 m;
  • 1 if growth from 1,55m to 1,78 m;
  • 0 points if the increase to 1.55 m.

addition, estimated daily work:

  • 0 points if the work is mostly sedentary;
  • 2 points, if you have to constantly stand;
  • 4 points, if you want to walk a lot;
  • 6 points if done physically hard work.

for women with infants, added 10 points, if the child is fully breastfed, and 5 points if mixed.

These scores are added together - this is the daily norm.To it you can add another 35 points every week (5 points each day, or in another way, as you'd like).The number of daily points is limited from 18 to 44.

The average payment in the Weight Watchers

For those who does not like to be considered, there is a daily average value of the number of points.

  • 26 points - for people up to 70 kg;
  • 28 points - from 71 kg to 80 kg;
  • 30 points - from 81 kg to 90 kg;
  • 32 points - from 91 kg to 100 kg;
  • 34 points - more than 100 kg.

If you have any medical conditions, the allowable number of points necessary to consult with your doctor.Perhaps, they should increase.

Diet Weight Watchers Weight Watchers: menu points table and exercise

In order to follow the diet, not necessarily constantly calculating points.There are some sample menus that are easy to use on a daily basis.Here is one of them:

Breakfast: Muesli - 80 g (4 points) with a cup of milk (1.5 points), biscuits - 20 g (2.5 points) and an apple.Total 8 points.

2nd breakfast: waffles - 16 g, only 2 points.

Lunch: bean soup - 60 g (2 points), pasta - 180 g (3 points) with salmon - 125 g (3 points), a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, dressed with sour cream (2 points).Total 10 points.

Afternoon snack: a little bit of ice cream - 2 points.

Dinner: millet porridge - 80 g (4 points) with chicken (4 points) and pear.Total 8 points.

If during the day will be present exercise lasting more than 30 minutes, the product can be eaten on most points.So, aerobics gives minus 3 points, swimming - minus 3 points, running - minus 4 points, brisk walking - minus 4 points, climbing up the stairs - minus 5 points, cleaning the home - minus 1 point, sport games - minus 3points, cycling or rollerblading - minus 3 points.

reviews about diet.Pros

a long time, during which there is a Weight watchers-diet can be called a great achievement, a testament to its effectiveness.In addition, many followers of the mark improvement of health, psychological state and emotional state.According to the results of research in those who adhered to the principles of the diet throughout the year, decreased levels of "bad" cholesterol, and reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes type 2.Many dieters say positive things such as the lack of a hunger strike, "because there can be 5 times a day and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and the ability to cook your favorite dishes as forbidden foods in this diet is not.Anyone who seriously engaged in the body and uses paid services, said the availability of recipes, the ability to go to a restaurant and get support at any time such as losing weight.Most of the "paid" participants consistently shed 2-4 kg per month up to a healthy weight.


disadvantage of this system is its payment for.For those who want to follow the principles of nutrition, which proclaims Diet Weight Watchers, reviews recommend to stock up on no less than 30 dollars a month.But it is worth noting that it is quite effective.Those people who use the paid version, lose weight faster and further weight gain again.

Those who choose to follow the system for free, note the difficulties in scoring and drawing up the menu.Many people at an early stage of choosing a diet scare points and calculations.

In addition, Weight Watchers diet followers in Russia often distort information.Free access to the Weight Watchers diet is found in the Russian enough variety of options, so is not always effective.

Paid version diet

What is so attracts people famous Diet Weight Watchers?The answer to this question lies in the strong psychological support slimming.Weekly club meetings are held, where everyone shares the results, citing the other to move on and stay in the system.In addition, held individual meetings, webinars, chat on Skype with coaches and supporters of the diet.Paid membership in the club, which includes Weight Watchers-diet is a strong incentive for weight loss.When the desired weight of any person ceases to pay membership fees, but may also attend meetings, thereby keeping yourself in shape.If you can hold the required weight for 6 weeks, then the status of a member of the club is for life, t. E. The next time you have to pay a registration fee.But if the weight is gone abroad desired, the membership fee is paid again.It is worth noting that some of the stars also adhere to this diet.This talk openly Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson.Their results are quite obvious, as the gloss regularly publishes the latest celebrity photos.

Diet Weight Watchers in Russian

As the official website of the diet completely in English, follow the system for the Russian people do not speak foreign languages ​​is problematic.But for the Russians in the paid version designed a special menu, which takes into account the usual diet.In our country, Weight Watchers-diet has not received such an extension, since few people want to pay each month, visit the group and count points.

followers of Russian advantageously chosen version in which the tables are freely available on the Internet.However, social networks can find groups devoted to Weight Watcher, which is a discussion of weight loss and weight loss other nuances.It serves as a partial replacement of seminars and allows you to get support from other dieters.

weight loss plans

For followers of the system developed a special plan to meet the needs of each person.This is the base, "Trust", "Momentum" plan "Momentum" and others.They propose different approaches to the selection of food.So, in terms of "Impulse" participants choose only those products that are included in the special list of the "right" food, but in terms of "Momentum" may have any products.There are special programs that can not be considered points for each product, and to assess fully all the dishes.Choosing an appropriate burden of their health, losing weight lose weight for some time, plan ahead.Many tools that are marketed under the brand name diet, do follow it enjoyable and comfortable.This, for example, scales, calculators, applications for mobile phones, tablets and computers, fitness equipment and more.In addition, a variety of foods produced under the brand Weight Watchers, which explicitly stated on the box score.Thus, Weight Watchers-system - it is not just restricted products and a range of activities designed to help the body during weight loss.