How is corporate lending

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sources of additional financing, to which belongs and lending to legal entities, can not be overestimated.And not just in times of crisis.The need for additional financial injections sooner or later, can occur in any company or organization.And it is important not only to find ways to produce.The main thing to aspire to - a real benefit from the funds raised.If the management of the borrower choose the right strategy for action, then the loan will be considered as a liability only formally.

Currently, loans to legal entities in the Savings Bank (as well as any other financial institution) can be carried out in two ways: either it is a one-time provision of the required amount, either - a credit line.The essence of the latter is that the total amount of borrowed funds is spent immediately, but gradually.Depending on how it is formed by the residue, the line can be renewable and nonrenewable.

In some cases, corporate lending by commercial banks implies the issuance of so-called industrial loans.We are talking about changing the conditions of the issuance of funds, depending on the area in which the borrower operates.

In addition, one can not forget such a service (quite popular) as an overdraft.It is a fixed-term credit line of type, which use the company or organization may, at any time.

Features procedures for

course, corporate lending has its own peculiarities and is performed in a specific order.If there is a need for money, the company must be made concrete action.

First, you need to provide the bank many kinds of securities.Most often they include legal documents, profile of the borrower, the financial statements for the period specified by the creditor, as well as an application to provide a certain amount of money.

Second, corporate lending involves preparation of a business plan that covers the entire period of use of funds, which are taken in debt.A clear and well thought-out strategy - it is a guarantee that the loan will be issued on favorable terms.In addition, to increase trust between the parties to the transaction.And this is a very important moment for building future relations.

Third, you need to have the ability to offer security for its obligations, that would satisfy the financial institution.As a pledge can act fixed assets, movable objects (trucks), or real estate.The main thing that they suddenly have not declared their rights to third parties.

Strictly speaking, corporate lending takes place in the usual way.The submitted documents are considered Credit Committee, which decides whether the issuance / non-issuance of the loan.He initiates it on concessional credit terms, if we turn the company is (or can be attributed) to the category of VIP clients.