How to make a fireplace in the "maynkraft" and how to get it to burn forever?

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Fireplace - one of the interior, which dreams of almost everyone.And if in fact you do not already have it, you can at least a little to compensate those that make it into the "maynkraft."It is quite possible - it is important only to know how to engage in construction.If you are interested in such information, then this article will explain how to make a fireplace in the "maynkraft" and you will learn a little secret, thanks to which you can save a lot of materials and their efforts.

Construction fireplace

If you want to learn how to make a fireplace in the "maynkraft", you first need to give it form, specify the appearance.There are three important things you need to very clearly observed.First, the platform on which will stand a fireplace.It must necessarily be of any non-combustible material, such as stone or anything else.If you build a fire on the wooden floor, do not be surprised then, when your house lights.Secondly, walls of the fireplace.Naturally, it uses the same rule - you can make the walls of any material and to give them any form of giving free rein to their imagination.But in any case, do not add it to the fuel elements, as they will cause irreparable damage to both your fire, and all that is around him.Well, the last time - it's a pipe.There has not necessarily to do it out of a refractory material as the fire until it will not reach.But some gamers forget that your fire burning creates smoke that, finding no other way out, go to the house.So be sure to build a pipe at a height of at least three blocks from the fire, so it is not lighted.That's it, now you know how to make a fireplace in the "maynkraft", but so far it's just a useless structure.To become a skeleton of a real fire, you need the latest and the most important part - the fire.

The fire

you already know how to make a fireplace in the "maynkraft" - now you need to figure out how to kindle a fire in it.To do this, you need to leave at least one block of free space where you can upload various combustible materials - boards, sticks, coal and so on.For some time they will burn, giving light and warmth, allowing you, if necessary, prepare a meal - but then go out.You need to constantly maintain the livelihoods of fire by feeding it more and more combustible materials.It turns out, not enough to know how to make a fireplace in the "Maynkraft 152" in other versions, then quietly to enjoy the process.However, this situation has a simple, but dangerous to go out.

eternal flame in the fireplace

Many gamers think about how to build a fireplace in the "maynkraft" that will burn forever and does not require constant attention and have new resources.The reality is quite simple in theory and in practice a little harder.When you replace the material that you put into the fire, infernal stone, it will burn forever if you do not extinguish it.But the tricky part is that you can only get it in a very dangerous Lower World.