People have long sought to see next to a four-legged friends.Domestic cat is one of the most wonderful dream.In fact, one can hardly find a creature more gentle and pleasant.Domestic cats and cats can be faithful companions of man and live with him for about two decades.Some single people are finding this beast a wonderful friend: loyal, gentle and devoted.Contrary to popular belief, the cat is able to bind to its owner no less than a dog.

What you need to know about to take a kitten

Intending to bring home a pet, you need to clearly understand that you give your apartment to enter the new family member.The decision should not be made spontaneously, in a rush.If you have any unexpected desire for four-legged friend, it is better not to hurry.First, give yourself time to get used to the idea and realize the full extent assumes the responsibility.Sometimes it's better just to abandon the noble impulse than a month or two frank regret what was done.Domestic cat - is not a toy.Like any living thing, an animal in need of affection and care.Little kitten - it is the same child, and requires greater attention.

Before bringing baby home, make sure you have enough space for its content.After all, when the kitten grows up, it can be cramped and uncomfortable in the room.If you live in a dormitory, then maybe you should not take to his extra tenant.Kitten needs time to get used to new surroundings.The owner has to pay attention to your pet.So if you from morning to evening is not at home, it is not the best option.

Does the color?

Many people think about this issue.There is even a mass of prejudices and beliefs with respect to coat color.White cats are considered to be quite moody and capricious, red - calm, gray - affectionate and loyal.Black cat causes a lot of controversy and rumors.People have long been wary of the given color.Some openly consider it a sign of imminent disaster, while others say that the black cat brings good luck.

In fact, a lot depends on how the owner of the animal and get along with each other.In the case of the emergence of a small kitten in the apartment, many issues are resolved as they mature and nurturing of the animal.When purchased adult male or female, will inevitably have to face a number of challenges, including the fight with the results of poor parenting.The nature of the animal no longer depends on the color, and how much attention it gets close to someone.

How to take care of the pet?

This is one of the main issues of concern to the responsible owner.Educating a new member of the family should begin with an introduction to the territory in which the animal will live.The kid needs to show where his tray, where it will go to relieve themselves, introduce him to the food bowl (preferably immediately fill them with delicious food).It is advisable to buy an apartment in the scratching post, a few bright toys.What to choose for a kitten?As toys are perfect for small ball - kids love to ride their legs.You can hang on a string some bright object, and you will see them as a kitten interested.Now on sale, there are all sorts of "mouse" and "birds", which pet can chew on teeth and claws scratching.

Regarding education should be noted that from the first days of stay in the house of a new member of the family does not have to allow him to what later will be banned.It is necessary to build immediately clear rules, so the kitten will be easier to remember.For example, if you do not plan to teach your baby to sleep in your bed, it is unwise to let him do it in the early days.If the kitten will own a place to rest, then before you bring a pet into the house, all carefully prepare.


This is probably one of the most sensitive and controversial points which have a caring owner will inevitably encounter.Domestic cat - there are quite peaceful.He gets used to the fact that about him during the life of the owner cares, and often finding themselves in the wild, doomed.Taking a kitten in the house, you should immediately decide: whether you are a professional ready to feed him food or natural products.

fact that the mix of these two types can not be such a mistake can cost your pet's health.If the choice falls on home food, it should be understood that it assumes a constant cooking his favorite.Food should be fresh, varied, and not all that suited the man, helpful cat.Industrial ready-made food is much more convenient to use, as they allow daily not puzzle over what to feed the animal.

Cat in a private home

Pets living in the country and suburban areas, feel more free than those who are forced to spend all the time in the apartment.Our cats have the ability to communicate freely with each other, more chances to reproduce, maintain the natural conditions of existence.If you plan to keep the animal in a private home, the first thing is to take care of implementing the necessary measures to vaccination.

Common nicknames for cats

Anyone who brings home a tiny quivering ball of wool, thinks about how to choose a baby name.Here are some nicknames that look simple and resounding: Niusia, Nyusha, Shem, Kesha, Yasha, Manyunya, Squirrel, Margot, Barsik, Tim, Tisha.

Thus, the house cat - a pet that can please his master for a long time.You need only make sure that his life was pleasant and prosperous.