Flower of night blindness: therapeutic properties and harm

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probably in nature no such plants, which would be traditional medicine has not found application.These include night blindness and a flower - podagrovaya or burning grass, meadow buttercup.This is a very poisonous plant, which is in the form of freshly picked poses a serious threat to the health of both people and animals.Only after the complete drying of the stem is not dangerous, so buttercup can be given to cattle as hay, but it is impossible to graze animals in the growing field of flowers.

homeland perennial considered Ukraine, Belarus and the European part of Russia.Erect stems burning grass can reach a height of one meter, at the ends of branches in May and June formed small flowers of golden-yellow color.Mainly in the meadows and clearings sparse birch and pine forests grow night blindness.The flower is not only poisonous, but also medicinal properties, so is widely used in folk medicine.

in fresh grass contains protoanemonin and ranunkulin, which is an oily liquid with an unpleasant odor.Also in the buttercups have tannins, flavonoids, alkanoid, saponins, cardiac glycosides, carotene and vitamin C. The most dangerous substances are considered protoanemonin, which irritates the mucous membranes and skin.Flower night blindness has fungistatic and antimicrobial action.When used in small doses, it is perfectly central nervous system stimulant.

meadow buttercup used for skin tuberculosis, gout, and various skin diseases.It is also used in homeopathy.Made from freshly picked herbs means consumed in irritation of the mouth, nose, eyes, pain in the muscles and chest, the formation of ulcers, and skin rashes.Flower of night blindness in folk medicine used for severe constipation as a laxative.To do this, the patient eats a few leaves of a plant, or drink the broth, made with milk.

buttercup poison in the old days were treated warts on the body, removed from the thickening of the nails, the plant was used as an irritant and blistering agent for headaches, abrasions, burn wounds, rheumatism.When gastric diseases, hernia, tuberculosis also use these colors.Night blindness (photo plants will allow it to find out in their natural habitat) previously entered into an ointment for cold and cotton wool soaked in the juice of herbs, applied to the aching tooth.

Whatever it was, but the meadow buttercup fresh is very toxic, so has a side effect.When applied topically flower night blindness can cause irritation and dryness of mucous membranes, cause spasm of the larynx, watery eyes.Injections of its drugs can provoke tissue necrosis and general poisoning, which is accompanied by fast or weak pulse, fainting, dizziness.Juice buttercup causes severe irritation of the digestive tract, reducing the number of heartbeats.For this reason, self-burning grass contraindicated.If poisoning should immediately induce vomiting, drink activated charcoal and consult a doctor.