The jewel - the names, properties, history

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meeting in the literature to describe jewelry, sometimes hard to imagine their true beauty, as here the stones are not always at the hearing.Even more difficult it is when faced with their old designations.As you know, semi-precious (lower category) or gemstone names can have both inspired by legends, and just reflecting their color.People believed that these incredibly beautiful natural crystals have magical properties and can bring good luck, and also eliminates the disease.Among them were made not only jewelry, but also talismans, amulets.Very poetic sounds old name gemstones: ruby, Lal.

cat's eye stone got its name thanks to a thin mineral fibers, which create an optical effect reminiscent of the pupil of a cat.He is a reliable talisman against adultery.In addition, there is a belief that the stone has the ability to remove the pain in the joints and helps with anemia.It is believed that if you wear a necklace of a cat's eye, it will contribute to the recovery from laryngitis and bronchitis this gem.The names of the minerals can be related to the geographical location where they are mined.

Gems often became the object of worship.In India Opal helps local magicians to remember their previous incarnations, it was called the stone of faith, love and compassion.If you keep track of how the light plays on its faces, you can get rid of dark thoughts and enlighten your mind.But in European countries recognize that this stone healing properties.For example, in the 17th century wrote that Opal calms nerves, restores visual acuity and helps get rid of heart disease.

If you look at the names of precious stones in alphabetical order, followed by the opal will follow pyrope, rhodonite, ruby ​​and sapphire.The first - is a mineral belonging to the group of garnets.His name can be translated from Greek as "reminiscent of fire."In ancient times it was called carbuncle.Second - rhodonite, the name comes from the Greek Rawdon - "Rose".About Ruby composed legends in India, in which it appeared that there was this fiery red mineral from the dragon's blood.Read the strong magical properties of this gem.Names can only indicate their color, for example, from the Latin word "rubber" - red.If you aspire to power or want to influence the people who wear jewelry with ruby.Specialists involved Lithotherapy recognize by stone ability to cure chronic tonsillitis, diseases of the joints and spine.

Related ruby ​​sapphire variety of corundum - brings wisdom gem.The names have become valuable minerals under their glory.For example, the famous diamond.This natural mineral is characterized by high hardness.Its name, which translates as "indomitable" comes from the Greek language.Diamond was revered in ancient India.Now that crystal is used both in industry and in jewelry.