How to become popular in school: I do not think about it

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in school is one of the longest and richest periods in a child's life.It was here that he gets the hang of survival in a society apart from their parents, learning to communicate and establish contacts.Successes, failures, evaluation, friends - everyone puts their invisible mark on the fate.Therefore it is important not to allow the school to the child laughed, ignored him.It is important to support the boy's desire to be a leader in the classroom and to help her daughter to answer the question of how to become popular in school.

work on the shortcomings

All we were kids and we know how fast peers notice various shortcomings and begin to tease.The reason for ridicule can be and completeness, and facial features, and demeanor, and hair color.However, in most cases it is quite fashionable these flaws to fix.The child wears glasses?You can buy special lenses for children.Completeness?Sign up for aerobics and buy clothes that will hide flaws.In the end, the daughter and teach proper use of makeup - it will be a natural and at the same time to hide some flaws.If, however, there are factors that can not be corrected, it is necessary to come up with together repartee ridicule.

Parenting Personality

Those who have been working in the children's collective know that teasing is not all.Moreover, sometimes less beautiful peers can become leaders and instigators.Therefore, explaining his daughter growing up, how to become popular at school, should tell that bullies feel emanating fear and uncertainty, making their attacks can only increase.If a person feels the rod, and their desire to hurt will be less.You can enroll in the sports section, begin to read the book to help improve.If your child good at study and there is no question about how to become an excellent student, you can try to make this emphasis - correctly presenting this fact can increase self-esteem and give confidence.

total event

If you watch movies about school life, you may notice a certain pattern: before becoming popular in school, teenage girls have a party at home.In itself, this idea is not so bad.Optionally, call 50 people and leave them alone in the apartment, you can organize the rest with other parents to make travel on the nature or the game room, if it is relevant.Let your child try to prove it - will be an interesting and friendly.

Comfort House

Of course, if a girl came up to her parents to the question of how to become the most popular, we can assume that the house you fully trust and calm.If the child does not want to go home after school and in the morning resorting to class without breakfast, disheveled, with forgotten books, that is a reason to think.Absent-mindedness and negligence are not assistants in this matter, how to become popular at school, but on the contrary, may provoke ridicule.Therefore, the house should be for your child than something like an oasis, where he was all love, where there is order, there is no rush.