Why dream of an elephant?

Each animal is familiar to us from childhood, it is endowed with human qualities.Even becoming adults, we can not grow out of the fact that the fox - a sly dog ​​- loyal, and crows - smart.And when they get into our dreams, interpretation of dreams is more than understandable.Everything happens on an intuitive level, and the obtained values ​​are almost always very accurate.But to answer the question of what an elephant dream, just will not work, because it is a huge animal, many of us have only seen in pictures and can not immediately describe it.In such cases, have to go to multiple interpreters.

What dream elephant?Meets Freud

To begin turn to the father of psychoanalysis - Sigmund Freud.He created a special interpretation of dreams (dream book for psychotherapists), based on the internal psychological processes.We can not say how biased interpretation of his images, at least, they allow you to see many interesting question from the standpoint of science.

So, the elephant, according to Freud, is one of the few animals that dream stands for the male sexual organ.And it will be very good if the elephant had a woman.Communication with these powerful animals, and in particular a trip on it, for it will mean the rapid changes in the relationship with their sexual partner.And - for the better.

But if the elephant had a man - the good we should not wait, because for him the beast arising in a dream, means that there is latent homosexuality.And the longer they talked in his sleep, the sooner addiction dreamer unfold for the rest.

What dream elephant Miller

Another founder least popular dream book - Gustavus Hindman Miller based his interpretation on the cultural traditions of many peoples, treats this mammal with a friendly hand.

appearance of an elephant in a dream means that soon the dreamer will be a success in the enterprise, which must now bring him wealth.This is especially true in cases where the dreamer is riding on an elephant.The same applies to what he saw in a dream, and herds of elephants - is supremely auspicious sign.

But lone elephant grazing nearby - at least a good sign.It means only the rapid growth of the dreamer's reputation in the eyes of the surrounding society.That is to say, banal uplift rating.

What dream elephant?Interpretation

Lofa Lofa David - one of the greatest psychologists of his time - said that the symbolism of sleep is individual, and its value is often different, if you take a few individuals.However, it still provides some common values ​​occurring in the dream images.

elephant, in his opinion - it is a symbol of memory, taking into account the opinion of those people who lived close to these animals all his life.Therefore, one of the possible values ​​of sleep - a sign of the subconscious memories of something forgotten, but important at a given time.It is even possible that this will help solve some of the existing problems at the dreamer.

Other symbolic value, which can easily be attributed to the beast - force.In this case, the interpretation of a dream can mean a call to action and mobilize their domestic resources.