Convergence Theory: general characteristics

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Currently, there are a large number of popular and legitimate psychological theories, each of which offers a special look at human development.In some, this process is determined by instinct, in others - the social environment, which gives special incentives and their reinforcement.But there is a concept, which combines these factors - getotip and social environment.This convergence theory Stern.

It is based on a number of proven allegations.

1. Man is both a biological and social being.Therefore, the genotype and the environment are equally important in the development of the child.

2. Convergence Theory proves that only by merging the internal data and external conditions occurs complete formation of the person.Each tumor is the result of this process.

convergence theory for solving the problem of the relationship of social and biological development used a special method, which was taken from the comparative studies.These are the twin method.

It is a fact that there are twins monozygotic (identical with heredity) and dizygotic (with different hereditary basis).Consider the main points of this method in more detail.

If children having different heredity, in the same social conditions are formed differently, this means that the process is determined by heredity.If practically the same, then, accordingly, a decisive role in it is given environment.

Similarly as with monozygotic twins.If they live in different families, but at the same time indicators of development are the same, then this is evidence that heredity had a crucial role, if different, the medium.

convergence theory, comparing the performance differences between DZ- and MZ- twins developing different and the same conditions, was able to make a number of fundamental conclusions.They relate to the problem of the relative importance of environmental and genetic factors, it proves the leading role in their interaction.

convergence theory used the peculiarities of gifted children, paying great attention to non-compliance environment and genetic data.

This concept uses examples as evidence of convergence.For example, for a child in an environment there is a large amount of material for the game.But when and how he will do so to a greater extent depends on the presence of inherited instinct game.

is based on the concept of periodization Stern recapitulation.Hence, he relied on the fact that human development includes all steps required repetition of becoming ancestors in the evolutionary process.As a result, they identified the following steps:

  • From birth to six months, the child is at the stage of "mammals", so its behavior is reflexive and impulsive.
  • Six months to a year, he goes to the stage of "monkey", when there is active development role model and setting.
  • At the age of six the child is at the stage of "primitive peoples".At this stage, it appears vertical and gait.The leading role in the development of the game and will play a fairy tale.
  • In elementary school, the child must possess high ethical and social concepts, as it is the initial stage of active formation of the person.
  • in the middle tier should focus on education and intellectual development.This is the age of knowledge bases of all the sciences.
  • last period - the stage of maturity at which the final formation of the spiritual man.