How to open a coffee shop, where to start?

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Catering is becoming more popular in Russia.You can now open a cafe or bar is the kind of which you've always dreamed of.This can be a mini-cafe or fast food.You might want to open a pastry shop or salon to make the first in the area of ​​children's cafe.

options are many, but what the first steps need to do to open a coffee shop?How to start a business plan and what to look for when it is the first project?

Choose a room of successful places

first key moment in the creation of places where you can have a meal - it is a choice of the room.From him will depend on the success or failure of the project.You can make a gorgeous repair, create a unique atmosphere and hire brilliant cook.But if you select the wrong area, the visitors will not be: in the cafe and ticket office will be empty day after day.Unfortunately, such examples are many among those who think how to open a cafe.

business plan begins with the search area.When selecting a base note on the state of basic communications systems.Pay attention to the presence of sewage, water supply and heating.A good option would be to buy back the old dining room, with its own kitchen.Heavier and more expensive to build new cafes from non-adapted to the preparation of food, but cheaper premises: hangars and warehouses.

Most eateries and bars open in a residential area.
If this place has been a dining room, a pub or a restaurant - it's all right, it is possible to open a cafe in a building.But if you decide to open a coffee shop for the first time, to start the process to avoid the pitfalls of the masses?If the music sounds and flavors of the cuisine will be unwelcome tenants of flats, problems can start very quickly.Therefore it is necessary to take care of a good zoning space, sound and drawing.If tenants find it uncomfortable neighborhood, may simply close the cafe.

Shoot or to buy?

hire is not the best option.Especially if we are talking about a large cafe.The rent tends to increase, and not from the good economic situation in the country.If you ever decide to move, the repair and will remain the owner of the clientele.Most venerable held restaurateur opened his business premises in foreclosure property.After that, the institution can advertise in a big way, knowing that the cost of PR - is a contribution to the future.In addition, if the project for some reason did not take place, our area is always possible to rent and subletting with more complicated.

Before opening should contact the experts to find out whether favorably to open a cafe, to take into account all the rules and prepare to legislative requirements.Based on the recommendations drawn up a project plan.Once received the business plan coffee shop, an example of it must be handed over to the Federal Service.After the coordination of the project with the state structures can begin to repair and remodeling.

meal with good taste

very important to choose a single concept and style of the restaurant or cafe.For what audience you want to work?Who do you want to see among the guests?Answers to these questions will help you understand the value of your potential visitors and to develop the appropriate image.Do not forget to include your ideas, because now realized your personal dream.

No matter what level you are planning to open a restaurant service - it is important to find its own "flavor", which will be built around the concept.Think about what kind of criteria that will differentiate your shop from all others?This question will successfully open a cafe.

How to implement a business plan?

The first step will be to conduct segmentation and risk assessment.Enthusiasts often skips these steps, underestimating the weaknesses and strengths of the enterprise competition.In addition, at this stage it is to calculate the financial costs, to find out the payback period.

a business plan coffee shop - an example of good training.It can not be done without an accurate portrait of the potential client's social income, tastes, lifestyles.

It is now solved the question of where a cafe would receive a basic income: due to the large turnover or a high-cheat?If, say, your typical guest - a young student who loves to spend time with friends, consuming chips and light beer, it is hardly expensive gourmet dishes they will be appreciated.Do not understand it, and fabulous prices for the cream of the 30 ingredients and goose liver, cooked a special recipe.This version of the business plan, likely will end in failure, despite the fact that you will be able to open a cafe.

to start: documentation and registration

You will need the documents.

First, doing business in our country can only be employed.You must first open a company or entrepreneur.

Second, assemble the following package of documents:

  • authorization for the institution, issued by Rospotrebnadzor;
  • permission obtained from the bodies of fire safety;
  • confirmation of conformity with sanitary norms premises (lease, medknizhki personnel, state registration certificate, license to trade on raw materials and products);
  • license to sell retail, alcohol and tobacco;
  • patent on trading activities in the area (issued by local governments);
  • notification of commencement of activities.

Federal Law №294-FZ dated 26.12.2008, "On protection of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the exercise of state control (supervision) and municipal control" regulates this activity.

legal entity (entrepreneur) provides the necessary documentation to the Federal Service for the actual location.A completed copy of the notification, supplemented by an extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities (entrepreneurs), as well as a copy of the certificate of registration with the tax authorities.These documents are enough to open a coffee shop.

Getting Started

work even the smallest catering unthinkable without the equipment.In order to make a cup of coffee or ice cream to prepare necessary technical base.All items must consider at the design stage of the room.

All equipment should be as functional and practical to use, durable, meet the requirements of the bars, restaurants and cafes.Otherwise machinery just does not pay off.

Modern tools allow you to quickly prepare quality meals.But the performance - it is not only the result of a strong technical base of institutions, but also the ability of staff to operate it.It is important for employees to hold a master class after buying a new car.

correctly chosen technique will increase the profitability of the business, while inappropriate machines will lead to losses.

Furniture and furnishings

This is another important issue, which is to devote his attention before opening the cafe.Where to start to build a situation?Cost-effective solution would be to order a set of furniture, designed in the same design.However, this is an option exclusive - it is always more expensive.You can buy ready-made furniture.If the cafe - it is the first such venture, the cheap furniture serve as a model to its best example to see the needs of the institution.The next time you order the appropriate furniture will be easier.

Human Factor: select talented personnel

number of employees will depend on the sales of the institution.All roads in the "edalni" boil down to the cook.He is like the captain of the ship.Cook should not only cook food, but also to draw them nicely.Very good, if you know your future chefs, at the stage when you are developing a business plan coffee shop.

example, when it is opened by the famous master, certainly not go unnoticed in the city.

ideal composition of food - a chef, the necessary amount of cooks and dishwashers.Such compositions should be two - for shift work.The right hand of the host - the chef - should prepare quickly, without reducing the quality of dishes, because in such places often happen influx of visitors.

If the chef - is the soul of places, the next group of employees - his face.Bartenders, waiters, managers personally appeal to the customer.That impression will produce manager of the hall, meeting guests, can become a turning point in the relationship further.

If you have no experience in hiring workers, try the following tips.Think of your favorite place and try to communicate with the owner on the topic of personnel selection.Learn from him the details of how to open a cafe.The business plan of his ideas are already living in the walls of the institution, and perhaps his advice will save you from financial and emotional disaster.The successful experience of colleagues is always invaluable for someone who knows how to learn.

Any owner will tell you that it is not necessary to select employees on the basis of a pleasant appearance.Sometimes administrators, as well as the waiters, we have found to be very sensitive in situations where you have to defend the honor and institutions, and the client does not lose.Here, of course, need the ingenuity, resourcefulness, ability to communicate.Such a man can make mistakes, but the owner does not have to fail.The ability to resolve conflicts by peaceful means - is a precious talent, so the payroll to pay their employees for it.

good waiter - it is also an excellent dealer who will be able to offer exactly what the customer wants or does not know what he wants.

To cafes inexpensive cost, you can invite to a team already established, or at least the core of the team, working together for a long time.This will help make the process work faster and harmonious.This is an important nuance, which compares unfavorably with the new institutions of the venerable networks.

"Delicious" day

So when basic routines are completed, and we can invite guests, comes the stage of procurement of food.Of course, if you have not invested in advertising and do not wait for the first day of the influx of visitors, it is possible to gradually improve the menu, modifying kitchen.And yet you have done this way for the sake of success, and the success of institutions - it is sold out.Products - a perishable commodity, but it is better to stock up on them in abundance, than to stay with a full hall and an empty fridge, explaining that you are just able to open a coffee shop.

Where to start purchase?This question is quite well developed network in coffeehouses.They tweaked the delivery with the best network providers, and at the opening of a new point at the owner of the franchise will be a rough estimate, phones to coordinate procurement.You can use this experience and their own, especially if you are going to open a cafe in Moscow, where experience is where to hit the bottle.

"Edible" budget

good advantage of large cities like Moscow, is the ability to borrow or take the free use of the equipment.

Suppliers can donate showcases, refrigerators.In addition, the venerable firm with deep pockets to attract customers offer free souvenir accessories.Mugs Bar, ashtrays and even furniture with logos.All this will be an invaluable contribution to those who are eager to open a coffee shop inexpensively.Part of the equipment, such as a microwave or kettle, it can be brought from home.

If you open a cafe in the average Russian city, then there are other pluses.No need to invest in interior design and vary the menu every week.Do not need a fabulous advertising and glamorous image of the institution.It may even scare away visitors that the word "comfort" is understood differently than "metropolitan stuff".

first major expenditure will be utilities, advertising, salaries and the cost of products.The first months are usually unprofitable, but do not despair if you have managed to open a coffee shop.Where to start in this situation - so it is with the evisceration of "financial cushion".This is the amount originally budgeted for a similar period.After the company will be on a flat rate, the cost will mostly concern the repair and renovation of equipment.

Whip spoon: how to open a fast food restaurant?

If you decide a question about the type of cafe, it is worth noting that the demand for fast food is very high.

The fact that this type of food is suitable affluent groups of the population due to the low cost of lunch and office workers who snack on the go.This creates a certain vagueness in the portrait of the client, but brings to the fore other design criteria.

Fast cafes should be in a place with high traffic of people.We need to stand apart from the competition.It's enough to open a small cafe at least around the corner from the shopping center where there is a rival: the main thing that people do not cross streams.

From a legal point of view, to discover a chic restaurant, you will need the same amount of labor, how to open a fast food restaurant.But investments in the second will be ten times less.The owner of this business largely invests in the primitive kitchen equipment and room rental.

smallest gourmets

kids - this is also connoisseurs of gourmet cooking.But they appreciate rather somewhat different.How to open a children's cafe in the city and not to miscalculate?It is worth noting that it is unfilled niche in Russia, while in the West, children's cafe in every public place, and a children's menu - in every self-respecting restaurant.

Here, of course, special attention should be paid to the design of the room to the kids feel comfortable.It is better to be invited to consult with the designer and animator, because then they will arrange parties and events.You may want to select any one stylistic line, story, period.Entourage should cause in children a sense of comfort and recognition, and their parents - fabulousness.

is ideal for children's restaurant will be where is near a kindergarten, a clinic for kids and a playground.It is enough to make room for 60 seats and a menu filled with fanciful pasta, soups and tasty cereals - with the base is already possible to open a coffee shop.

Confectionery business

This is the most fertile ground for investment.To open a diner one oven is enough 100 thousand dollars.Therefore, open the tearoom is quite simple.

This place is quite delight guests with fresh pastries and hot drinks.By the way, then why come into the shop - it's delicious baked goods, and they are only good fresh.Therefore, for this type of cafe does not need a cook, namely the baker.

Profitability reaches 30% at an investment of 400 thousand. Dollars.

Pastry are very different.It can be an art trams metro stations, where you can buy a muffin and tea bags.But it can also be a sweet house with centuries of history, where they make true works of art.And for a delicious and beautiful carbohydrates people are willing to pay.