As people appeared on Earth?

Each person in a certain period of his life thought about how people appeared on Earth.The centuries-old attempts to solve this mystery has not yet led to the result, the scientists of today are at odds on this subject.It is logical that the truth must be sought in the ancient sources, which are closest to the time of the origin of life.

Theory One: God created mankind

One of the first legends that sounded authentic, were stories that people created the Higher Mind, it is God.Many peoples believed that the first humans were molded from clay.It is not known why this material is considered to be "human."Most likely, this is due to the fact that clay is radioactive, which can be explained by the presence in the composition of uranium and decay can release significant amounts of energy.Ancestors argued that it was the energy that was used to create living beings.Legend of the first woman and the man known to the whole world.

Theory Two: People-hermaphrodites

According to other myths, tells the st

ory of how the first person appeared, people came from some bisexual creatures - hermaphrodites.Adherents of this theory were the peoples of Africa and the Sudan.They believed that the division of people by sex happened a great number of years.

Theory Three: aliens

Modern versions of how people came to light, a fact attributed to the presence of extraterrestrial life.People believed that unearthly beings came to Earth and artificial methods instilled life on the planet.

fourth theory: a living cell

long time many scientists rejoiced, believing that unraveled the mystery of how people appeared on Earth.It seemed obvious that the emergence of mankind due to the formation of a living cell.

They built various models, from inanimate matter when under the influence of chemical processes originated living cell.It was argued that this was a living piece of Earth's oceans, which at that time just seething chemical reactions.

Later it was proved that all the necessary for the emergence of life was in space, long before the formation of the Earth.Scientists insisted that the appearance of a living cell - is a coincidence and unexpected biochemical processes that explain how one man appeared.

However, there were people who actively refuted this version, since the content of the genetic code - is an abstract record, which is impossible to predict.Francis Crick, who discovered the first genetic code, claimed that a living cell could have arisen independently.But even if we assume that this has happened, there is no explanation as to why there was such a variety of life forms that have arisen as a result of a single cell.

Proponents of this theory, as the people were born, cited as an example the development of Darwin, who believed that all living things were formed as a result of random mutations and chaotic.As a result of natural selection forms that were unfit and unsuited to life, died.Those strong, who survived continued to survive and thrive.

Today, such a theory of how people appeared on Earth, is not tenable.Despite numerous excavations have failed to find a single creature from which could arise a different creature.If Darwin was right, and now we could observe strange and amazing monsters.

recent discovery of the fact that most of the genetic mutations has a clear focus, definitively disqualify the theory of "random chance".And the rest of the mutations, which is caused by disturbances in the body, can not have anything constructive.

fifth Theory: Evolution

assumptions of this theory lies in the fact that ancient human ancestors were apes or monkeys.The modification had 4 stages:

  • Australopithecus.They walked upright and could use some things with his hands.
  • Pithecanthropus.By the way skills added possession of fire.However, the appearance was far from the human form, monkey traits traced quite clearly.
  • Neanderthal.The structure of the skull is still different, but the overall skeleton was close to human.
  • modern man.

drawback of this theory is the fact that scientists could not explain in detail how mutations may contribute to the emergence of complex life forms.Until now it was not found any type of useful mutations, they all lead to the destruction of genes.

Theory of Six: Hyperboreans and Lemurians

esoteric history has its own interpretation of how people appeared on Earth.It is argued that modern humanity to the planet inhabited by huge giants, called Lemurians and Hyperboreans.However, the theory has been criticized because, according to the scientific evidence, this simply could not be.Our planet does not have as many resources to support such giants.And this is not only a denial.If the growth of these creatures really reached enormous proportions, they would not be able to lift themselves and the sudden movement of the inertial force shot down to their feet.Moreover, their vessels would not withstand such a load, and a blood sample flow to their walls.

This is only a small part of the theory, but practical experience shows that each person chooses the version according to his worldview.

Numerous studies have shown that initially all female fetuses, and only during the period of hormonal changes, some of them are transformed into male.Many academic staff believe that this is due to changes in the male genotype, which entail violations in the Y-chromosome.It determines male gender.According to these data, after some time, the planet will inhabit the female hermaphrodites.US experts support this theory, since they were able to prove that the female chromosome is much older men.

With modern studies have found a huge number of facts, but even they do not give a clear explanation as to how and where a man appeared.Therefore, people have no choice but how to choose the most appropriate for a theory of the origin of life, trusting your intuition.