Prayer to help the living: the expression of love for the people

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In every church there are certain areas where light candles for the living, and areas where light candles for the dead.If you are the first time in the new church, you may refer the matter to the regular parishioners, but not during the service.Do not distract the worshipers.When praying for those who are still in our sinful world, read the special requests, other than requests for the dead.Prayer to help live - supported by effective assistance, especially with the right attitude of the applicant.

Such different prayers

to turn to God for help is still living in the sublunary world, usually read a brief prayer in the morning rule or special prayers more in the end laid in the morning.These latter are generally optional.But if you need to especially (especially) to pray for the loved ones, do not be afraid of the length of the prayer - read, pondering.

Is among one of petitions, sometimes mistakenly called "living prayer help of the Most High."This prayer - one of the most effective ways of dealing with demons, along with the prayer of the Holy Cross.The real name of this appeal to God - "He that dwelleth in the help of the Most High."Yet it is called the 90th Psalm.It is quite long, but if necessary it can be learned.The psalm says that the Lord - the defender of prayer, to which he hoped.God can save people from networks and angry words.The prayer says that God protects the believer, protecting from evil and demonic influences, as well as protecting the body of a Christian, trusting himself to the Lord.

brief prayer to help live calls all non-relatives and superiors, benefactors.This sometimes confuses believers.In fact, everyone, for whom we pray, indirectly serves us as a benefactor, because God sees and rewards our love and prayerful effort.But do not be limited to friends - Christ has commanded us to ask and enemies as well.The practice of many believers show that it promotes reconciliation of warring.Especially good with a prayer to kiss the cross for those who are at enmity with you, imagining that this is the worship of God should be charged with the credit to them.The Christian must strive to live in peace with everyone and make peace among others.Praying for help, read by someone else, will not go unanswered and awards.And peacekeepers necessarily "shall be called sons of God" in the kingdom of God, created on the ruins of the Earth.

second, a long prayer to help the living are sometimes placed in the "pomyannik" prayer book.In it a Christian and prays for his Church and for the country, its army, and the people.Requests and all caught in a difficult situation - orphans, prisoners, prisoners suffering for truth and faith.Pray about the monks.He asks even heretics and apostates in the hope of God's forgiveness for them.Prayer seems long, but it takes 2-3 minutes.

Power of Prayer mother

Prayer to help the living, delivered a mother, is particularly strong.It is able to help a person in a very serious, even fatal situation.While mothers have a special prayer.However, at the end position can be read any prayer that you know by heart.Just "Lord, have mercy!" In a dangerous moment saved many.The one to whom you are applying, be sure to hear and help.