How to bake a turkey drumstick in the oven.

Indyusheche meat (or meat turkey) belongs to the category of dietary.It is tasty, healthy, it contains very little cholesterol and in quality is far superior to the chicken.A worthy alternative to turkey, perhaps, only rabbit meat.

cooking tips

Dishes from turkey prepared in many different ways.Because she cooks a great broth.Philae is perfect for hamburgers or hot.But perhaps the most delicious, it turns out, if, for example, bake in the oven turkey drumstick.Using a variety of condiments and spices, you can get a gentle, soft, juicy meat.When it pitted the cooking process will go faster.In cooking, often before baking shin fried or marinated.Let's get acquainted with some recipes!

Shins, baked potatoes

How can bake it in the oven turkey drumstick?The recipe is as follows: meat - 1 kg (3-4 servings, while reducing their number take half of the product), salt, a mixture of herbs "hops-suneli" to taste (someone who likes a richer, someone softer).Next, you need to lubricate the lower leg mustard - a few teaspoons;pepper - a pinch;spices: coriander, paprika, basil - on request.Finally, potatoes - 1 kg.Now about the process, namely how to bake a turkey drumstick in the oven.Meat, wash, dry.Do not remove the skins - it is lightly browned and covered with an appetizing crust.Shin rub salt.Sprinkle the spice, roll in spices.Top lubricate mustard.Peel the potatoes, cut into slices.Mix with salt, spices, pepper.Bake in the oven turkey drumstick you need it with a potato: get the meat and side dish at a time.So take a large sheet of foil.Cover the baking them.Put the pieces of meat, place the potatoes around them.Cover a baking sheet or the second half of the new edge of the tuck.Place the dish in the oven, which must be included in advance (the temperature is about 200 degrees).Heat treatment lasts about 50 minutes.Approximately 10 minutes before the expiry of the foil to open.Fork pinned meat and potatoes, check the degree of softness.To cook a turkey drumstick in the oven to golden brown crispy crust, you need a little more to increase the heat, and rearrange the pan on the top shelf.Before serving, sprinkle the dish on the table greens.

Recommendations regarding the serving

Whichever recipe "drumstick turkey in the oven," you have not used, it is necessary to think in advance, with some dishes of the meat will go well.Suit a variety adzhika, spicy vegetables.Not bad combined with bird squash caviar, marinated in honey gogoshary.You can also submit a marinated or pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet and sour tomato sauce or mushroom.Very incidentally will and fresh vegetables, and a salad of cabbage.And finally, turkey drumstick baked in foil with potatoes, is very tasty with a carrot in Korean.

Shin boiled, baked

But we digress.Continue cooking lessons, and prepare a turkey in a different way.To realize this recipe "drumstick turkey in the oven", the meat must first be boiled.Then the process of baking is much reduced.Wash your feet, put in a saucepan, cover with cold water, bring to a boil.Remove scum.Put the bay leaf, allspice and peppercorns, salt broth and simmer until tender (just to the skin is not separated from the meat, and it has not kept pace with the bones).For half an hour to put the grated roots off (celery, parsley), squeeze out a couple of cloves of garlic.Ends shin turkey cooking in the oven.To do this, remove the meat from the broth, let drain.Sprinkle spices and dip in soy sauce.Arrange on a greased or baking tray.Bake until a brownish crust.These bird legs well to submit gravy of garlic or mushrooms.Fit and sharp horseradish, mustard.And do not stint on green!

meat with spicy sauce

For this recipe you will need enough fat shin best young bird.Season with salt and pepper.Place them on a baking sheet, add a little water (3 tablespoons) and cook until the meat is tender.Readiness can be checked and highlighted in juice.Then put in a deep dish on lettuce leaves.Pour the special sauce.The basis for it should serve as a meat broth.Take a large handful of walnuts, a bunch of chopped coriander, polgolovki (or head) of garlic, a little salt.Everything is good chop, and then interpret in a mortar.Pour a little vinegar and 2 cups of broth.Finely chop the onion, put the sauce and put to simmer for 10 minutes.During this time, beat the egg yolks 2-3.Sauce remove from heat, pour off a bit to cool down.And dilute this amount of egg yolks.Slowly enter the (necessarily interfering with) the main sauce.Pour over turkey and serve them!Garnish meat with parsley, dill.

Drumsticks jam

And finally here are unusual baking recipes:

  • Shin turkey with salt, sprinkle with pepper, obmazhte sour jam.Suit harvesting of currants, cranberries, blackberries.Then, to the severity obmazhte mustard, and for the rosy and soft - fat sour cream.On a baking sheet or in a form, pour a little water, put the meat and bake for about an hour at 160 degrees.Just do not forget to pour his juice!When it is transparent and soft legs, the dish is ready.Served with mashed potatoes post and fresh vegetable salad.
  • Drumstick boneless place in the marinade.Make it by mixing a part of vinegar (apple or grape), add pepper, coriander, oregano, and a couple of teaspoons of honey.The liquid should cover the meat well.Leave it for an hour, then remove, nashpiguyte garlic, brush with mayonnaise.Tastier get this turkey drumstick if it baked in foil.Screw the legs into a sheet, lay on a baking sheet and put it in a hot oven.When the meat is almost ready, expand the foil, so it is browned.Arrange on a plate, garnish with sprigs of parsley and basil.

Delicious dishes you and bon appetit!