How to cure a burn from the sun?

Every year more and more people suffer from sunburn, despite the huge variety of effective sunscreens.This is due to aggressive UV radiation, increasing every year.Sometimes it is enough to spend a few minutes in the sun to get a burn from the sun.Man simply does not notice that his skin is burned, because the symptoms appear after a few hours.

About Zhog Sun: Symptoms

If you were so careless in sunny weather, it has become a problem, you will find:

  • redness of the skin;
  • soreness in contact with clothing;
  • dryness and tightness of the skin;
  • swelling, blisters;
  • burning sensation;
  • high body temperature;
  • painful skin;
  • sometimes dizziness, weakness, headache.

sunburn is especially dangerous for people with sensitive and fair skin.For this type of skin is characterized by rapid burning, which may occur even on the lips, on the head and earlobes.Assessing the scale of destruction, should take action and decide what to do when the sun burns.Some of the tips provided below will help deal with this problem without having to visit the doctor.

7 simple tips on how to treat the burnt places

  1. use a special cream against thermal burns (available at any drugstore), it will soften the skin and relieve pain.
  2. Apply to affected places cool compresses.
  3. do not smear greasy cream, butter and sour cream.Fat creates on the surface of the film, which prevents access of air, resulting in enhanced fever, pain does not disappear.
  4. Since the burn from the sun causes itching and swelling, take an antihistamine.
  5. To prevent the spread of free radicals caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation, take antioxidants.They are found in fresh fruit (pomegranates, oranges, berries, apples) and green tea.
  6. aloe juice applied on the affected area to get rid of the pain and help relieve redness.
  7. At the stage of healing is not over-dry your skin, do not use alcohol-based lotions, take care of the regular moisture.

When you need medical attention?

For assistance, contact your doctor if you have received extensive burns from the sun, how to treat it, do not know.If the burn with a headache, fever, chills, watery blisters formed, should seek immediate medical attention.It is likely that you will be offered the observation in a hospital, it is not necessary to abandon such a measure.Remember that the contents of the blisters - concentrated pathogenic environment, which when released into the blood stream can cause poisoning of the whole organism.Especially dangerous bubbles with yellow purulent content.Their appearance - a signal of the need to go to the reception.Doctors opened blisters were removed and their contents in a sterile environment with the use of further complex therapy.

It should be noted that strong skin lesions can teach, and the solarium.You can also burn and cloudy hot weather because UV passes through the clouds.That's why recommend the use of sunscreen on your holiday whatever the weather.