White beans: the benefits and harms.

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In nature, there is no longer a product that can stand on a par with the level of meat protein content.If there were no beans, among us, most likely, there would be so many vegetarians.Let's look at the useful qualities of beans, find there are no contraindications to its use in food, as well as analyze the subtleties of cooking.

White Beans: composition

100 grams of the product contain:

  • 7 grams of protein.
  • Coarse fibers that can rid the stomach harmful and toxic substances.
  • Folic acid prevents atherosclerosis.
  • amino acids (lysine, tyrosine, arginine, tryptophan).
  • Calcium and magnesium are useful for building strong bones and teeth.

If detailed discussion of such product as white beans, benefit and harm from its use are inadequate.There is a clear predominance of positive qualities.The white bean protein content is higher than in any other product grades.Some of the amino acids, particularly arginine, can reduce the content of sugar in the body.This is particularly useful for patients with diabetes.Low-calorie foods, per 100 g of beans contains only 102 calories.

How useful beans?

Grain beans, despite the fact that is a dietary product, has one important feature.Its constituent fiber is able to stay for a while in the stomach and provide a feeling of satiety.Vegetable protein is absorbed by 75%.This figure is higher than that from animal protein.The benefits of body beans, composition of amino acids and vitamins invaluable.Regularly eating this product, people:

  • improve their immunity.
  • Improve the body's resistance to various infectious diseases.
  • get the right adjustment metabolism.
  • strengthens the nervous system.
  • forget the inflammatory processes in the liver.
  • have no problems with the digestive tract.

Let's look at how to act on the human body white beans.Benefits and harms of its use in food what are?It is worth noting that the list of positive qualities of the product will be much larger.In addition to the above points, the use of bean will help to normalize the function of the genitourinary system, will facilitate the conclusion of kidney stones and will prevent the occurrence of tartar.Besides this valuable product has a wound-healing properties.Another white beans particularly well helps people suffering from constipation regularly.It seems to sing odes vegetable protein can be infinite.And even traditional medicine drew his attention to this valuable product.With the beans, you can be healed of various diseases, as well as get an overall improvement.

Features Canned Food

People think that it is very convenient to buy ready-made beans in jars, add it to the main course, as well as use as a garnish.When buying a finished product, remember that the white canned beans has a high content of salt and acetic acid.To improve the quality of meals before drinking liquids having a bank should be drained and rinsed kidney beans.Excessive consumption of canned foods resulting in increased gas production.

How to choose and store the beans

So, we came to the conclusion that a natural product gives us a lot more good than canned.Choosing the beans at the supermarket, special attention should be paid to the quality of the appearance of the product.It is unacceptable that on the surface had the beans rot or mold particles.This product is already spoiled, nothing good it will not use.Keep it usually dry, dark place, such as on a shelf in the kitchen cupboard, placed in a glass container, tightly sealed plastic cover.

There is another storage option, but you need to pre-boil the beans.Cooked beans cooled and placed in a plastic bag, and then sent to storage in the freezer.A large number of boiled beans can be directly spread into small pieces.

Proper cooking product

significant harm to the body is able to bring the beans only in raw form, as it contains oligosaccharides - this is the best "friends" bloating and increased gas production.Also in the raw product has a number of toxic substances.It's not terrible, if you know that with proper heat treatment all the toxins simply disappear.So, we reveal some of the secrets of correct preparation of fruits:

  • before cooking the beans should be soaked in cold water for at least 10 hours.
  • Some toxins left with cold water, and the remainder will be drained after the first boiling.Then again poured cold water immediately adding 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil.
  • Cooking is done for a long time when a large amount of water on low heat, without stirring to avoid cracking of the fruit.
  • In no case when cooking beans do not need to add salt.Recipes and cooking tips in one voice told that salt destroys the appearance of food.Salt will only be after the turn off the heat.

Thus beans white, benefits and harms that are separable only the thinnest edge of culinary wisdom, will be properly prepared.

What use

trace elements that are so rich in this great product will be better absorbed in conjunction with vegetables.Especially good beans "friendly" with vegetables rich in vitamin C. From an aesthetic point of view, bean looks good in salads.Especially beautiful are obtained cold appetizers, which featured a spectacular red and white beans.

salad recipe "sharp little"

To prepare take:

  • Boiled Beans - 300 g
  • Crab meat - 100 g fresh tomatoes
  • - 2 pcs.
  • parsley.
  • Mayonnaise - 2 tbsp.spoon.
  • salt, ground black pepper.
  • Garlic - 2-3 cloves.

Traditionally, in order not to waste time on cooking, salad recommend buying canned beans.Recipes with boiled beans almost never occur.Try a cold appetizer with boiled beans, because the taste of the dish will only improve.

grind crab meat, go to the salad bowl.There also put the beans and chopped tomatoes.Chopped parsley and garlic, squeezing.Before you fill the mayonnaise and stir all, do not forget to add salt and pepper.This salad is good to serve, sprinkle with croutons.

Besides tomatoes beans in a salad goes well with cucumbers (as pickled and fresh), cheese and boiled chicken."Not friendly" with potatoes.

taste quality beans

If all useful products would be as tasty as the beans!People coming home after a hard day's work, produced in the form of dishes with beans excellent dinner as well as a slight uptake in the intestine, which is especially important at bedtime.Perhaps there is no person who would be adamant against the bean.

only thing that can separate the lovers of this product, so it is different eating habits in favor of a particular type.Someone who likes to complement the vegetable stew with bean pods have broken in half the asparagus.White beans and asparagus in a dish nicely complement each other.Red beans beans often prefer because of the bright colors that bring in a little dish of aesthetics.

White Beans: useful properties and contraindications

The beneficial properties we have much to say, it is the turn to mention the existing contraindications.Beans contain a substance, such as purine, so it is desirable to use the elderly and those suffering from gout.The list of diseases that imposes a ban on the use of beans, complement peptic ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, nephritis.

Thus, we examined the question of what the white beans.Benefits and harms of its use, as we noted, are inadequate, dominated by the positive qualities of the product.We have seen that the beans on the table irreplaceable, unless cook it properly.