The ideal woman at everyone

There is a famous joke about a man who knew exactly what he needed a wife."It's the perfect woman! - Told him friends, listening to a rough description - these do not happen!"."And I believe that is" - replied the man.And he was right, he met her.But she was looking for the perfect man ...


French classic once said that there is no fat, stupid and a bald man who would not be convinced that it is worthy of only the most beautiful, virtuous and wisefemale.Unfortunately, it is this position occupied by many suitors while searching for his second half.However, they have their individual preferences and accents.Someone important effective appearance, the other certainly wants to know how to speak French, a rich dowry Give third, fourth just needed very careful and outstanding culinary skills.And it is preferable that the boundary conditions are combined in a single lady.But even assuming that such exists, is not a fact that during the joint life this ideal woman does not show some personality flaws that would negate all her dignity.As a rule, they are divided into two main categories: those that can be tolerated, and all the rest, usually referred to as vices.The question is the border between these regions: it is flexible and is set based on the personal qualities of the man.


Women's beauty - a very difficult concept.Of course, some of the women are so attractive that even look for some "sun spots" There are no hunting.But for the most part you can always find something to complain about.This growth did not come out, the other breast is too small, but at that, yes, yes, it is - and so her plump thighs.And has no Greek.And a little bit short neck.So what is it, the ideal woman through the eyes of men?There are very specific criteria that define marriage agencies brides category.Regular features, growth is slightly above average, some the size of the thighs, chest and waist are a measure of beauty.The absence of serious external flaws make a woman just "attractive."Well, if they exist, should be individually description, resembling a justification of some sort.


giving nature of the definition, it is described using adjectives usually applied to physical bodies: "heavy", "light", "iron", "soft".It happens that limited the words "good" or "bad."But in any case, as a rule, it is, and it has to be considered.For some men the perfect woman - is the one that always agrees with everything, while others want to argue that in this sense resistance it not indifferent.In the end, there is a certain piquancy in a relationship with an intelligent and critically thinking friends who do not need to prompt, at which point her to close her mouth.

Proximity interests

People can for many years to live together, raise children and, in general, to look harmonious and happy couple, but if they do not talk about in addition to the immediate everyday affairs, the real intimacy, they will not feel.The need for abstract discussions particularly felt creative people, they need so much in admiration and understanding, it is best with a touch of criticality.The ideal woman should believe in the elect, as if he himself sometimes silly or led.Such support need outstanding people.And more important such factors as love.After all, there is a real sense as a set of three drives: the soul, body and heart;and if matched, it is the ideal woman for a man.