Armenian female names: the history of naming

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naming appeared in ancient times, when people wanted to stand out among the rest, and called himself any significant word.The role names used names of animals and birds, were later used the word, meaning any positive qualities, such as "speed", "power", "mind" or "grace."

Man has always sought narekat themselves and their children names that have a hidden meaning, determine the quality of a person's character or beauty of his body.Moreover, quality may be used, which parents wish to see in their future baby.

Armenian women's names may have specific prefix "duht", which means "daughter."This allows the female form of male names.For example, a father's name is added to the prefix "duht" and obtained a new name: Icahn + = Aykanduht duht.

names of Armenian, as well as the ancient Oriental, might sound like the names of revered gods.For example, Anahit or Artamazd.It was believed that a person, named the same name, favors destiny, and his actions luck.

Since the beginning of widespread Christian faith often have to use the names that are present in both the Old and the New Testament.

Armenian women's names were enriched with several new, but still a few changes.Similar changes were needed to adapt the names bring them into line with language and social norms.

Thus, the names borrowed from many cultures.Now you can easily meet people, naming names, tune into Arabic, Slavic, Greek and even the Parthian said.

Armenian women's names have a unique classification, which includes several groups:

1. National names.This group includes the naming of the pagan gods, or else derived from them.In addition, this category includes names of great generals and kings.

2. The names come from various Armenian words.This group includes many names of girls.Since the role of word-founders used the names of planets and stars, precious stones and fabrics that have beautiful names, then the Armenian women's names sound melodious and attractive.Euphonious name like a girl attracts more attention, becoming a delight for the ears of others.Moreover, for creating names frequently used names fauna and flora.

3. Names that are borrowed from other languages.As mentioned earlier, in the Armenian language, you can meet a lot of names and words taken from other languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are in tune with the original.

The following are the most common names of Armenian girls and their meanings:

- Anahit - warm, kind, pious;

- Zaruhi - priestess of the temple of the Fire;

- Araks - sacred power, protector of the fair;

- Nana - a mother, my dear, my mother;

- Ashkhen - heavenly, light and clean;

- Gayane - family home;

- Repsime - beautiful;

- Karine - praising, jubilant;

- Seda - tender;

- Narine - wife, a woman;

- Arus - sunny, joyful;

- Satenik - clear, amber;

- melanoma - a meeting, a surprise, a gift;

- Shagan - kind, pious, gentle.