Ice cream breastfeeding: expert opinion.

During pregnancy, the expectant mother often thinks about if she could use these or other products.With the birth of the child everything becomes much more difficult.In the first months of the baby can be confusing for colic.Because of this, the woman is forced to follow a strict diet.However, the fair sex in this period, more than ever, I want to eat something special.This article will discuss whether it is possible to use the cream while breastfeeding.You seek the views of experts on the subject and will be able to get acquainted with experienced women.It is also worth mentioning how best to eat ice cream lactating mothers.

What the experts say?

Many pediatricians, gynecologists and specialists to establish lactation is still unable to agree whether to eat ice cream during breastfeeding.Some doctors argue that this food is not only safe for the baby, but also may bring harm to the body after birth.Others, however, doctors say that the ice cream breastfeeding becomes the most popular treat for women.As it is also the case in reality?Can I eat this product during lactation?

harm ice cream after birth

Ice breastfeeding can be quite bad for the state is still not strong organism.When a woman becomes a mother, begins hormonal changes, contributing to early lactation.During this process, often decrease the immune defense.If a woman is eating an ice cream, you can catch a cold.

The difficulty is that while breast-feeding should not take most medicines.So, even banal antipyretic recommend using only with emergency.Virtually all drugs have the ability to penetrate into breast milk.That is why the ice during this period is not the best treat.

Influence of the product for a child

Ice breastfeeding, as with any food, can enter the body of the child with the mother's milk.Most cold sweets manufactured using cow's milk.It is worth noting that pediatricians do not recommend giving this kid a drink before the age of three.

often occurs in infants allergic to cow protein.At that time, covered by a pipsqueak red rash, it starts to ache and stomach may develop diarrhea.All this is due to the fact that my mother just ate ice cream.

Can I eat ice cream without milk?

Currently you can find on the shelves of supermarkets cool treat with no added dairy products.Most often in such ice cream composition include coconut oil and palm oil.These ingredients are also very useful for the baby and can cause allergies.

cream, made on the basis of fruit juice drink is acceptable.However, most of these compositions contain artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.It will help you to make a dessert yourself.

Chocolate ice cream and goodies with various additives

This type of product is not necessary to use a nursing mother.In addition to cow's milk, it contains chocolate or products it replaces.All this can cause a child diathesis.

Most modern producers wish to save in the production of cold desserts.That is why they are using is not quite high quality raw materials.Such a diet is not only not benefit, but will worsen the state of health of mom and her child.

How to eat ice cream breastfeeding advice and recommendations

If you, in spite of everything, we decided to eat such a product, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.In this case, you will protect yourself and your child from the consequences.

  • Choose as fresh ice cream.
  • Always pay attention to the composition.It is better to let it be cow's milk than the various substitutes.
  • first portion of the dessert should be minimal.
  • closely watch the reaction of the child to such a diet.
  • Eat a treat in the morning.In this case, you will be able in time to help your child in the event of an adverse reaction.
  • not abuse delicacy even in the absence of reaction from the crumbs.


you now know whether you can eat ice cream during breastfeeding.Experienced experts say that a product is able to cheer up a woman and improve her emotional state after birth.That is why they are allowed to eat ice cream during lactation.Eat right and varied.It is now necessary not only to you but also your baby.