How to speed up windows 7

So you've decided to try to improve performance from their computer, and wondered: "How to speed up Windows 7".Methods are many, but it is necessary to understand that increasing the performance, you sacrifice something.For example, convenience, beauty, and other various effects.

Windows 7.Uskorenie work: preface.If

accelerate work by disabling different effects, you should consider whether you need all of Windows 7, because by removing all of this will be lost the essence of that operating system.It will not be comfortable, beauty and other things.

To view the OS needs more or less powerful computer.If you have a very weak, then it is advisable to install Windows XP.

But you can make some changes in the 7 to make it especially will not be displayed on the external form, but at the same time that they were given a boost in performance.

How to speed up the work Windows 7: Step 1.

Major changes should be done in "Start" menu.With right click on the mouse open "popup-menu".You will need to open the tab "Start menu".Then, being in it, click on "Customize."

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you open a list of settings that affect the appearance of the start menu and everything connected with it.

It is worth noting that the more elements and the effects will be in the "Start menu", the longer it will be loaded and traced the whole region.

It is advisable to do the following.Unplug the video menu, music, games and other unnecessary than you are not constantly in use.

Further, that will greatly facilitate drawing, so it's off highlighting recently installed applications.This will significantly speed up the work.

How to speed up the work Windows 7: Step 2.

You can also reduce the appearance of the Start menu.Since the developers have tried to do everything beautifully and with the effects, the appearance of the menu they made smooth.Similarly: it appears at once, but in the form of a transparent window, and then gradually gaining shades and becomes "normal".

This process can be accelerated if the result of that, you start to slow down the whole system.To do this, open the registry.You can open it in 2 ways:

• press the key combination "Windows" + "R" word and enter Regedit.

• press the "Start Menu", "Standard" and then "Run" and type a word Regedit.

first method is faster.

Now you are in the registry.We use the search function and enter «MenuShowDelay».You will immediately find yourself in the right place.With right-clicking brings up a menu and press it to the point of change.Change the value of 400, for example, 50-100.

Now you will start to appear almost instantly.Although you may not see much of a difference.You might think these numbers mean.This is the time for which the menu appears.It is measured in milliseconds.The value 1000 corresponds to 1 second.

How to speed up the work Windows 7: Step 3.

More can be done and more radical methods.For example, setting the number of nuclei involved in the loading of the computer to reduce the time for preparation of sketches and so on.

adjust the number of cores involved in loading the operating system.Previously, where we write Regedit, you need to write MSConfig.Select the tab loading there.Next, click on the More Options button.

There you can adjust the number of cores.By default, this function is inactive.Tick.Thus, you activate it.Select the maximum number of cores.

Now the system will boot much faster.

more can accelerate the completion of the work computer.If you have something stuck, and you want to forcibly close and the system hangs, it's annoying.Default OS waiting 12 seconds, and then the program disables only.It is a long time.

To reduce this time, again, go to the registry and doing word search WaitToKillServiceTimeout.

Before looking to the left, and the keys in the tree of folders, click on my computer, otherwise you will not find anything, because it would be in the place where we reduced start-up time of occurrence. Find and make it less time.For example, 2-4 seconds.

I hope this article could you answer the question: "How to speed up your computer."Windows 7, now will not torment you with their lockups.