Fighting for the Lake Khasan

thirties of the XX century, stood out extremely difficult for the entire world.This applies both to the internal situation in many countries of the world, and the international situation.After all, the world stage in this period increasingly evolving global contradictions.One of them was the Soviet-Japanese conflict at the end of the decade.

Background battles of Lake Khasan

1938.Leaders of the Soviet Union, obsessed by internal (counter-revolutionary) and external threats.And this idea to a large extent justified.Clearly turns the threat of Nazi Germany in the west.In the east, in the middle of 1930, China occupied the armies of Japan, which is already throwing predatory views on Soviet soil.Thus, in the first half of 1938 in the country takes place a powerful anti-Soviet propaganda, calling for a "war against communism" and to outright seizure of territories.Such aggression contributes to their newly acquired Japanese coalition partner - Germany.The situation is aggravated by the fact that Western states, Britain and France, strongly pulled the signing of a treaty with the Soviet Union on mutual protection, hoping thereby to provoke a mutual destruction of their natural enemies: Stalin and Hitler.It extends this provocation, and the Soviet-Japanese relations.In early summer 1938 the Government of Japan is increasingly starts talking about far-fetched "disputed territories."In early July, the event becomes the center located in the border area of ​​Lake Khasan.There are beginning to focus more tightly formation of the Kwantung Army.These actions are justified by the Japanese side that the border zone of the USSR, located near the lake, is the territory of Manchuria.The last region in general, was not historically the Japanese, it belonged to China.But China in recent years he has been occupied by the Imperial Army.July 15, 1938, Japan has demanded the withdrawal of Soviet forces from the border of the territory, citing the fact that they belong to China.However, the Foreign Ministry harshly reacted to this statement by providing a copy of an agreement between Russia and China even by 1886, where Matching cards, proving the truth of the Soviet side.

start the battle for the lake Hassan

However, Japan does not intend to retreat.The inability to convincingly justify their claim to the lake Hassan unchecked.Of course, in this area it has been strengthened and the Soviet defense.The first attack was followed on July 29 when the company Kwantung Army crossed the state border and attacked one of the heights.At the cost of a significant loss to the Japanese succeeded in capturing this high.However, on the morning of July 30 to the aid of Soviet border guards have come more powerful force.The Japanese have a few days unsuccessfully attacked the defense of opponents every day losing significant amounts of equipment and manpower.Battle of Lake Khasan was completed on August 11.On this day it was announced a truce between troops.By mutual agreement, it was decided that the inter-State border should be established under the agreement of Russia and China from 1886, since no later agreement on this issue at that time did not exist.Thus, the lake Hassan was silent reminder of such a disgraceful campaign of the Kwantung Army for the new territories.