What to do if you are fired

dismissal does not mean the collapse of a career - at least, because it can survive profitably.No one can expel from work one day, and all the people who have lost their place of earnings put cash compensation.On the forced parting with your employer, you can even earn.What demand and what to expect at dismissal ...

HAP contract

best way to make a forced separation from the employer - to sign with them an agreement of the parties.In this case, the dismissed employees rely salary for the period of the waste, including bonuses and allowances paid for unused vacation and other amounts to which he will be able to negotiate with the former authorities.For example, compensation in connection with the termination of the employment contract.The Labour Code does not regulate exactly how and what employee and employer may agree with the civilized "separation."It fits all that is not contrary to the law - the main thing that both parties were in agreement.Money should get fired, usually at the time of termination of employment contracts, that is, the last day of work.

law requires payments

Even if unwanted dismissal does not promise you the overcompensation, it almost always involves payment.Employees who have reduced are entitled to severance pay equal to the average monthly earnings or more, increased size can be set by collective agreement or labor.In addition, the same amount paid to the reduction of a person is saved for as long as he looks for a job - though most of the search should not take more than two months.

Remember nuances

Everywhere there are pitfalls.The two-month payment on a job search time employee will receive an abridged only if the rise registered in the employment center within two weeks after the dismissal.Payments can be extended for a third month, if we turn to the employment service the person was not employed.Care on their own typically involves two weeks of working out, but it gives you an opportunity to change the decision - in the 14 days the employee is entitled to withdraw his statement.Saying goodbye to the employer by mutual agreement, the employee can go even on the day of signing the document, but change your mind has not come out, even if there is an agreement to leave after a long time.And, of course, in this embodiment, the probability of re-employment by court nullified

Know your rights

Nobody can fire simultaneously.On the reduction of state employer must report within two months, and the employee should be offered alternative employment.And even for dismissal for some offense, such as absenteeism, there is an entire procedure: first with truant demand in writing to explain the reasons, and then consider them and decide whether or inadequacy respectfulness and only reported the need to leave.

defend the right to work in the court

confident that the dismissal was illegal?You can refer to the statement of claim in court.To do this, you need to have on hand is strong evidence (you may need a copy of orders, statements, testimony, locally regulations of the organization).Tighten with the filing of the claim in this case is not necessary, but it is necessary to analyze the situation soberly.If in doubt best to consult with a lawyer to find out if you can prove the case in court.If the dismissal is found to be illegal, you will restore the payment of wages for the time of enforced idleness.

Think about whether you need this job

If you are forced to quit, you should consider that you will benefit from the proceedings.You may be able to recover at work, but good relations with the authorities will not have to wait.In addition, the subsequent employment of the new employer is likely to check your employment history and can be regarded attempts with the scandal go back to work as a contentious disposition, which does not decorate your resume.

Refrain from retaliation

In no case do not try to take revenge on the employer and damage, so you may be subject to administrative and even criminal liability.Lost not only jobs but also reputation.

Remember that life does not end with the dismissal

audits of your resume, so decide where you would be interesting to work with.Submit resume in job search sites, social networking is activated.Tell friends that are looking for a new job.Use the situation as an opportunity to improve the level of education, learn a foreign language, for example.Podlechites ailments, spend time with family.Do what had long dreamed of, but there was not enough time.Analyze your expenses, make a financial plan for the near future.Try for the first time to find second jobs.Do not despair, your work somewhere waiting for you.

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