How to Knit a reinforcement for the foundation: Recommendations

If you are interested in the question of how to knit reinforcement for the foundation, is to know that it is the organized working process, requiring compliance with the correct mating and prioritization.To begin preparations made for installation of each element, and if one or more of them will be defective, they must be cleaned and straightened.Next done slinging, and then each element is fed directly to the place of mating.After installing the elements in the correct position of the project, after which you can start knitting.This should tell you in more detail.

How to Knit reinforcement for the foundation: the work process

binding procedure is carried out by means of a metal wire of a certain diameter, as well as through the attachment points, ie mounting hooks.Folding rods carried overlap, then they bind to knock in the middle and at the edges by means of a steel wire.To avoid breaking the wire in the joints, its diameter must be selected properly, in full compliance with regulations.The procedure of binding can be performed using a gun or by hand.The first option considered optimal, as is automatic and does not require additional work and saves time.It increases the speed and strength of the bond, which has a positive effect on the quality of the result.Hand-knitted - a process in which the binding is done through a special hook.This method has a drawback - significant time costs.If you are interested in how to knit reinforcement for the foundation, it is necessary to say that this can be done by means of special brackets are available for purchase in specialized hardware store.Very often the binding is done for small houses, as calculated on the low weight of the structure, located at fundamente.Govorya being built about how to knit reinforcement, it is also worth noting that for the apartment buildings the connection fittings produced by welding.Such a method is not without drawbacks.Firstly, we are talking about large volumes of work, requiring an additional amount of welders.Use of electric welding becomes cause that reduces the strength of the valve, which is associated with exposure to elevated temperatures it.While the welding increases the stiffness of the resulting structure, with its seal by the vibrator, it often happens that the integrity of welded joints on the product is broken.

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How to knit reinforcement for the foundation, in order not to lose its integrity?Increasingly, for this purpose we use the method of binding straps or wire during the formation of the frame.Due to this design it obtains optimal degree of compounds to reduce the risk of fractures of the valve during the pouring of the concrete and subsequent compacting.

Now you not only know how to knit reinforcement for the foundation, but also has a concept of how to do it correctly and efficiently.