Prayer Guardian Angel: protection and support

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Each of us is a creature, which is closely linked with our life.And created specifically for "their" man.Therefore, it takes care of you and tirelessly around the clock.We are talking about a guardian angel, who is on our responsibility before God.He never forgets and never tires.Prayer Guardian Angel sounds the clock.It was he who saves people who get into trouble, and miraculously survived.

encourage other

But if a person is constantly making the wrong choice, is led by his passions, Guardian Angel can depart from it, keeping at a distance.Yet from time to time is suitable, calling to repent and change lives.His voice interweaves with the voice of conscience - and people think about life and death, that money in the casket useless, that God gives the test to change the thinking and understanding of the world.But once the sinner to repent and think about the wrongness of their decisions, as the angel happily approaching and helps him find the right way out.Call his lawyer helps prayer.Guardian Angel happy when people remember about God and about him.

together in the works

person can refer to his heavenly friend always, when he feels himself in danger and when he wants to be happy.Winged defender maintain close emotional bond with you, he feels a need.His prayer pleases.Guardian Angel can be considered responsible for the charitable work.It refers to work not for the satisfaction of self-love and the desire for profit.This work aimed at correcting errors, exposing the lies and the description of the beauty of God's creation.

What is prayer

How to refer to his heavenly friend?Prayer Guardian Angel in Russian in every rule in the morning prayers.In it a man asks his patron to stand his damaged soul of sin.It means prayer for support and protection, intercession before God.Also referred to the fact that human life is enslaved by passions, and because it difficult to understand.The man in this prayer asks Angel not to leave him in moments of intemperance, when people can not curb the desire of his nature to sin.Requests to protect him from demonic influence because the weakness of mortal bodies make subservient human temptations.Christian prays in this appeal to the will power to fight the spiritual danger, knowing that we are generally more inclined to evil than to good, because it gives something simpler.

not magic!

Morning Prayer Guardian Angel also contains an apology of man in front of his defender for sins.And please be with someone all day.We can not perceive prayer as a kind of magic.It helps just as much as you are sincere, how much you believe in the help of God and of his angel.This does not spell success in business, because the aim is not "protection from evil people" (very wording implies a moral judgment of people for which you are not eligible), has a very different purpose of this prayer.Guardian Angel can only ask him to protect your property from the soul of sin and vice.It keeps us from evil, not from the outside, and from the evil inside.