How to select and prepare the mortar

for buildings of different purposes need to find a suitable mortar.Otherwise the design simply collapse under its own weight.At the moment, the building materials market a wide range of ready-made mortars, which simply add water, after which they will be ready for use.You can also buy ingredients and cook the mixture for laying yourself.

The basic principles of the solution of choice for masonry

When you select should be guided by the purpose and dimensions of the structure.The most reliable solution is considered a masonry cement, it can be used for buildings with heavy loads.It is also possible to add additional impurities which increase the elasticity of the mixture.There are also adhesive additives that enhance its strength.

For single-storey buildings, the total mass is relatively small, use a cement-lime mortar.This mortar has a high thermal conductivity.

colored solutions also exist, which have similar properties, but for use in decorative applications in which color pigment is added.

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For facing the house and other facade works using an adhesive version.This solution is better to buy ready masonry.These mixes should have a high resistance to frost and the ability to resist the effects of water.

main quality parameters of the solution are: resistance to compression, which is reflected on the package by the letter M, the water resistance, which is denoted by the letter D. Other important characteristics for mortar are thermal conductivity and ductility, as it provides the ease and speed with it.Do not use a heavy-duty solution structures that do not require this, it is necessary only for the foundation of the building.

Do not skimp on the ingredients of the mixture, as they serve as the foundation of the house.

mortar How to prepare yourself

To prepare the most common grout, mix three components: cement, sand and water.To obtain a high-quality blend to be mixed at a ratio of 1: 3: 1-1.5.The latter figure depends on the sand moisture.Kneading mortar in small volumes possible and shovel, but a large number will cook only with betomeshalki.When kneading components to be added gradually in parts, this will ensure uniformity of composition.

important to remember that the solution can not maintain their properties for a long time, so you need to mix such amount that will distribute one and a half hours.For a more continuous operation can be added with the mixture of the substances which impart elasticity.

This solution is suitable for laying all types of building material (brick, concrete, cinder block, etc.).In this layer it can range from 6 to 40 mm.The exact figure depends on the type of material chosen.