How to cook biscuits from the curd in a hurry

Baking cottage cheese - a great alternative for those who can not eat it just like that.After all, this milk product is very useful, but as part of desserts also delicious.What can you make out of cheese?Cheesecakes, tarts, quiches, pies, cakes, pastries.Appetizing and nourishing biscuits obtained from the curd.Whip up you can prepare several types of such baking.It is sure to please the household and guests.To create these culinary masterpieces, required on average no more than 40-50 minutes.

Quick recipe: biscuits from curd whip up

need for baking ingredients:

1) cottage cheese - 400 grams (better to take bold or srednezhirny);

2) flour - 300 g;

3) margarine - 200 g;

4), sugar, salt, baking soda (ch. L.).

How to cook

margarine rub on a grater, mix the flour, and stir thoroughly.Then put the cheese, salt, soda, knead the dough.It should have a smooth consistency, not too tight and not too soft, and the average.The dough should be to roll to the thickness of the layer was in the range of 5 mm.Cut it into equal strips and molded cookies.To do this, each workpiece have to dip into sugar only one side, then folded so that the party was inside.Once again dip into sugar and then fold back.Total turns 3 of the bend for each strip.Place the product on a baking sheet and send it in the oven for half an hour, which should be 220 degrees.Serve chilled tea, coffee, milk or juice to.That's how fast and easy preparing cookies cottage cheese quickly.

recipe curd pastry puff pastry puff

Today products have become available due to the presence of the test stores.After all, do it yourself quite troublesome, and semi-finished products perfectly cope with the task, when you want to build something delicious.To make this cookie can be taken as a purchased or homemade dough.

first in taste is not worse than the second, but saves a lot of time.

Ingredients for the recipe:

1) puff pastry - 500 g;

2) fat cottage cheese Home - 500 g;

3) sugar to taste;

4) egg (one).

How to make puff pastry is made of cottage cheese whipped up

thawed dough roll it out into a single layer thickness of 3-4 mm.Cottage cheese with sugar, stir and lay evenly over the entire area of ​​the test.Then roll in roll and cut crosswise into pieces a la carte.You should get 7-8 pieces.Baking powder with flour, put on a cookie, which lubricate the top of the egg.Send to the furnace, which should be 180-200 degrees, for 30 minutes.Serve when cooled.Cookies good "friends" with coffee, milk, tea.

Homemade cookies curd

Ingredients for the recipe:

1) 200 g fat cottage cheese;

2) 100 g butter;

3) 150 g of flour / s;

4) 40 g of sugar;

5) soda, cinnamon.

How to make these cookies

The curd mass pour the pre-melted butter.Stir.Then pour the flour, a pinch of salt and cook the dough.Put it in a bowl, cover and place in refrigerator for a couple of hours.Generate cookies.Nip off a piece of dough, roll it into a ball and then squeeze in a cake.Its roll in sugar, then folded in half and one side once again dip into sugar.Again and again fold the "sugar."You should get a blank in the form of triangles.

greased baking parchment or pave.Arrange on a cookie and send it in the oven for 20 minutes.Bake at 200 degrees.So prepare simple biscuits from curd.