How does the mini USB-port?

personal computers to communicate with other devices require a compact and fast enough I / O port.At the time, this function was performed by the so-called COM-port, which has a number of disadvantages.The first development was not satisfied with its size, and the speed of fade into the background.It is also a good option at the time was to use the LPT, which has been preserved intact so far.This is the place where the printer is connected.Can you imagine how big the stick had to be created in order to use this connector?Nevertheless, he remained still and has a high speed by using parallel data transfer protocol.

To solve this problem was created by the so-called mini USB-port, which is used with compact and small devices.They are equipped with mobile phones, cameras, chargers, programmers, video surveillance systems, etc.Due to its small size it is easy to "fit" into the design of these devices and copes with its responsibilities.

The operating principle of the mini USB-port is no different from its big "brother."Structurally, it is made of two power wires and two for the transmission of data.The wires are twisted into a twisted pair to reduce noise during operation.With the same purpose, they are placed in a special screen.Typically, the transition is a little cord length, designed for the location of the electronic device near the computer.This too is meaningless.The shorter the connection, the more stable operation Mini USB-ports in the mode of data transmission / reception.Since the device works with low-current circuits, it makes sense to have the cord away from power or other sources of interference.

serial data transfer protocol, and the process is controlled by a special controller.Speed ​​of such a method of communication is enough to ensure the stable operation of electronics.

Wires power inherent in mini-YUSB connections made just two useful features:

  • Firstly, they stabilize the process of data transfer.This is due to the fact that the magnetic field that creates a twisted pair from a power source, a DC component.It prevents the penetration of foreign interference in the "Information" wire.
  • Secondly, Mini USB connector allows you to "supply the" low-power devices, for example, to recharge your mobile phone.

alternative to such a connection is a wireless connection, for example, Bluetooth or Red Port, but they lose a wired connection in performance and noise immunity.

quite promising direction in the development of a mini USB-connection is to develop new controllers with increased frequency.This increases the speed of data transmission.Further miniaturization will depend on the design features of devices.It should also be borne in mind that the optimum size of the port is directly related to the maximum current for the power supply wires.From this it depends on the maximum power when charging of electronic devices.