Who are the marginalized in modern society

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margin is - people who for various reasons have dropped out of their familiar social environment and not being able to join the new social strata, as a rule, because of the cultural mismatch.In this situation, they have a strong psychological stress and experiencing an identity crisis.

theory about who these outcasts was launched in the first half of the 20th century, Robert E. Park, but before it declassing social issues raised by Karl Marx.


Weber Weber concluded that the social movement begins when the base marginalized community, and this leads to a variety of social change: reform and revolution.Weber gave a deeper interpretation to those who are marginalized, that allowed to explain the formation of new communities, which, of course, is not always combined social dregs of society: refugees, the unemployed and so on.But on the other hand, sociologists have never denied the obvious connection between the human masses excluded from the system of customary social relations and the process of establishment of new communities.

In communities of people acting the main principle: "Chaos should somehow be ordered."At the same time, new classes, groups and strata almost never arise in connection with the activities of organized active beggars and homeless people.Rather, it can be regarded as the construction of parallel social structures people whose lives before moving to a new position was quite orderly.

The margin in modern society

Despite the prevalence of the now fashionable word "marginal", the concept is quite vague.Therefore, it is impossible to specifically designate the role of this phenomenon in the culture of society.You can answer the question about who are marginalized, the characteristics of "non-system".This will be the most accurate definition.Because marginalized are outside the social structure.That is not to belong to any group, which determines the nature of society as a whole.

there are marginal and culture.Here they are outside the major types of thinking and language and do not belong to any artistic movement.Marginalization can not be assigned to any dominant or main group, nor the opposition, nor the various subcultures.

Society has long been identified who are marginalized.In the public mind it confirmed the view that they are representatives of the lower strata of society.At best, these are people who are outside the norms and traditions.As a rule, the person calling the marginalized, show a negative and contemptuous attitude towards him.

But marginality - not an autonomous state, is the result of failure of the rules and regulations, the expression of a special relationship with the existing social order.It can develop in two directions: to break all the usual links and create their own world, or the gradual displacement of society and the subsequent release of the scope of the law.In any case marginal - this is not the wrong side of the world, but only a shadow of his hand.The public is used to expose people outside the system to validate its own, is considered normal world.