What is the sister's husband?

Here, those family ties

the happiest day in the life of every couple, of course, is the wedding.Close and guests are looking forward to this day, however, as the bride and groom themselves.That is only with the advent of new family is always a question of how to call these newly included in the family of people.Of course, everyone knows about the existence of in-law, mother in law, mother-in-law.Many must have heard such strange words like brother-in-law, a relative.But perhaps few people realize just how called my sister's husband.Like the name he has, but what happens when the same name is your friend or just an acquaintance, and can get a mess.Then it turns out that you need to know what the status of your family it receives.Much better when friends and relatives to call him what he really is for you.Even if only in order to show off your erudition and knowledge of pedigrees names.

How nazyvetsya sister's husband?

main thing is not to get confused even more.So, we find out the name of my sister's husband.Many people make a lot of assumptions, often calling him the brother-in-laws is, but few know that the husband's sister-in-law called.Yes, that's right, despite the fact that as such it is for your mother and father.Agree, a strange thing, but the husband of your favorite, unique, the only (and perhaps not only, as one of many) sister - in-law for all: for you and for your grandparents, and your parents.In-law - a man who promised to live with your sister.Plans to give you nephews, your parents - grandchildren, grandparents - grandchildren.Now you know the name of my sister's husband.

But if you - a young man, a man in the prime of life, and your beautiful, unique, my dear little sister gets married to the most wonderful, in her opinion, the person on our sinful earth, to call her Blessed.Again, the question arises, to which not everyone can find the right one, and only one hundred percent correct answer, my sister's husband who has to his brother.I agree that this is also not quite do without a second thought, and most importantly - the right answer is often immediate.So, brother of the husband of his sister should be called ....Also in-law.Suddenly, right?

On this basis, we can only say that the answer to two questions, what is the name for the sister's husband's sister and he also called for the brother, is a single word - in-law.As strange and comical as it may sound, but perhaps our ancestors did not have enough imagination to come up with yet something interesting for naming newly emerged relatives from your sister.

Thus, after this article, you should not remain doubts over whether the name of my sister's husband.It's simple.Regardless of who you are, she had, sister or brother, sister's husband for you will be your chief assistant, the person on whom you can always rely on (at best), and it will call you - in-law.Agree, it's not as difficult as it seemed at first.Plenty of new you family and expanding family ties!