Rosa majalis - Barbed healer

Rosa majalis is known under various names, including rose hip tea, Shipshina, rose cinnamon.This plant can be found in the woods, ravines, among the bushes, and even in the meadows.The spread was the widest it: from Scandinavia to Central Siberia.

Rosa majalis.Description

This beautiful plant perennial shrub belongs to the family of pink.The plant can reach a height of 200 cm. The shrub rose, as a rule, consists of straight brown-red stalks, which are the curved or straight pins.Leaflets it stemmed, sophisticated, oval, toothed, have stipules.Flowers are large, arranged singly or two or three, have five pink or red petals on a short peduncle.Fruit spherical, naked, has sepals above, when ripe - red.Inside it, there are many small, angular seeds, which are covered with hairs.

flowering wild rose is in May and June.The fruit ripens in early autumn, usually in September.Propagated by seeds of it, but possible and vegetatively.Fruiting Rosa majalis in the second or third year.This plant belongs to centenarians.300 years for it is not the limit.By the way, wild rose garden with no problems grown in gardens and parks.It is unpretentious and does not require any special care.

Useful properties of plants

Rose hips are used for medicinal purposes.They are harvested fully ripe before frosts.Rosehip May refer to the useful plants.Because it contains vitamin C, B1, B2, P, PP, K. There are also glucose and fructose, and sucrose, and another organic acid, pectin, salts of iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, and others.Preparations of rose hips are used as choleretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-sclerotic, diuretic.They have a positive influence on the body's resistance to the adverse effects of the environment, and carbohydrate metabolism.This plant will be useful for acute and chronic infections, ulcers and other gastrointestinal ailments, as well as in liver disease, atherosclerosis, lung and uterine bleeding.Rosehip seed oil is used topically for wound healing, with cracked nipples, with bedsores.Since the plant is very useful, because it makes the fruit infusion.Known throughout syrup "Holosas."Assign it with hepatitis and cholecystitis.In some diseases, such as gall stones and kidney stones, take a decoction of the roots of wild rose.

Rosa majalis in myths and legends

Even in ancient times it was rumored that the wild rose is able to scare away demons, evil spirits, protect from evil and black magic.People believed that the pink flowers of rose hips have magical powers that can bring back the passion back into the fading feeling.

with this thorny plants connected a lot of myths and legends.According to one tradition, a garden of wild rose hips grew up around the temple of the Greek goddess of beauty Aphrodite.It was a beautiful daughter of Zeus has created a scarlet rose.Myth has it that before the world all roses were white.But one day, he heard that her lover Adonis was torn to pieces by ferocious beast while hunting, beautiful Aphrodite rushed to the scene of his death, making his way through the thorny rose garden.All in tears and grief, she did not even notice how sharp thorns wild rose wounded her.A drop of divine blood, falling snow-white flowers, put them in a bright scarlet.And from then on the wild rose bushes are always in bloom pink flowers.