Pony - small horse

Many children and some adults believe that the ponies - the little horse.Rather, young horses.In fact, this particular breed has existed for many centuries.Unlike horses, which were crossed to improve some specific qualities - running, endurance, and so on. N., The ponies have a pedigree that goes deep into prehistoric times.

Pony - little friends children.Especially prized variety of Shetland.Small and puzatenky, on short legs, they rolled children in parks and squares.Because these horses are small, put the child on top of them is easy.Rebyatnya loves these animals, because they are low and good-natured.They can pet, treat treat.Rostom they are not much higher than a child, so in the company of their children feel more confident than large horses.

Pony - small copies of these horses, which unlike their larger cousins, have a calm disposition, sweet temper.They are perfect for teaching young children to ride a horse.Not by chance the guys to reciprocate, and adults create animated films, where the ponies are the main characters.The directors have created a city that is home to a small horse.In the realm of the pony friendship is a fundamental principle.The cartoon evil enemies will always be defeated with the help of good and justice.The popularity of this animation prompted the emergence of a variety of console and computer games, where the main characters once again become a pony.Girls just love them, they collect a variety of small figures, magazines with pictures of the inhabitants of this magical land.

Little Pony is a popular toy with lots of accessories.Sweet and kind horse pink color has almost every girl.They play in the kindergarten and at home, coming up with a variety of subjects or losing those assembled in the cartoon.Growing up, the girls are in no hurry to part with their favorite.Even doing in school, they are smuggled in backpacks stuffed or rubber pony.

little horse can be a big fad in the future.It sometimes happens that a child growing up, retains a love of horses, horse riding clubs visits, he likes to take care of them.Doing a similar exercise is good for health.And not only for physical development but also for the stabilization of some mental processes.There is even a certain kind of therapy, in which a horse or pony are the protagonists.Hippotherapy, the title of this line, helps in the treatment of children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and changes in mental status, such as autism.If the child is afraid of the big horses, the aid in this case come to the ponies.Specially trained instructors teach classes that promote coordination, learn trust.The children attending these classes, reduced the level of anxiety and increases the adaptive capacity.