Dulles Plan - falsifying or terrible reality?

Dulles plan for the collapse of the USSR is one of the most popular stories in parapolitical quarters of the current Russian reality.He is regularly mentioned on the television, in domestic disputes, often becomes one of the topics of the course of history in contemporary schools.Dulles plan has long claimed to be a response to the first eternal Russian question: "Who is guilty?»

The idea

Dulles plan submitted by his supporters as a carefully designed at the beginning of the "cold war" the US secret services strategy to undermine the moral foundations of Soviet society afterwhich put the Soviet people to its knees with its negative population growth, high levels of crime, drug addiction, low level of education and so on.And to achieve these trends - the expansion of Soviet society - the CIA was going through the imposition of low-lying values ​​through mass culture: violent movies, pornography, cult of drugs, violence, low-grade music, cheap life priorities and benchmarks.It is easily seen that such a plan for the destruction of Russia Dulles well correlated with the domestic reality of the last two decades.And because it is still easier to believe, clutching his head in a sudden discover the truth.However, this is falsified.A very popular, have gained visibility evidence, and yet the falsification.


In fact, no report in 1945, the director of the CIA before the US Congress, which is referred to hoaxer, never was.For the first time this text was published in independent Russia in 1993 in Russian in the publication "Soviet Russia."Very soon, "the document", dumping all the blame for the people's expansion into foreign enemies, was picked up by other publications, politicians and public persons of national-patriotic views.Among them, for example, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Mikhail Zadornov.However, the whole story has a number of inconsistencies.First of all, the fact that the report of the Director of the CIA in 1945, does not make sense for the simple reason that the CIA was created only two years.Bole of Allen Dulles, became its head until 1953.The US policy to preserve the secrecy of documentation has a limit of 50 years, so that all the documents of the 1940s has been declassified.As the reader will realize, no such plan is not there.In addition, the rate in those years in the likely hypothetical confrontation is more on nuclear weapons, which in 1945 already had at the States, but it was not the USSR.Of course, all this is still not look convincing enough exposure.The actual text of the falsehood came to light when it was discovered that he almost entirely and literally taken from the art of the novel "Eternal Call" Soviet writer Anatoly Ivanov, this exciting, but completely fictional.Giving the correct context, and gave this passage the shade that today dominates the minds of our compatriots.

acts, though there is no

People love conspiracy theories beautiful (way without a doubt is the Dulles plan) - the alien plates, concealed by the government, the incredible technology of medieval Slavs, Egyptians, Indians.Plots there for every taste.At the same time a real scientific approach distinguishes the critical, healthy skepticism and multiple cross-checking offered ideas and facts.Like many alternative theories, Dulles plan falls apart like a house of cards, it is necessary only to dig deeper, to listen to the critics, and not just the sweet heart hoaxer, neatly present the material without a clear methodological basis, and try to find the real historical sources.However, the fact that such a seriously developed concept never existed in the plans of the CIA (as far as can be judged at affordable and realistic sources) does not cancel the set deplorable trends in our country.Moreover, it is perhaps even aggravates them.After all the blame for the moral decay of the Russians is not some special services, and to a greater extent on domestic politicians, oligarchs and the people, admit it.