How to make a handrail for the stairs with his hands.

beautiful staircase - a kind of calling card of any private home.But it is an integral part of the railing, which perform not only basic functions but also provide a good decorative element.Typically, a ladder - this is the element that allows you to move between floors.As for guardrails, they make movement safer.In addition, parts of the data also depends on the appearance of the entire structure.So, how to make railings for the stairs with his hands without any cost?

What to look

In the process of creating such products should comply with high accuracy not only in the calculation, but in the performance of any work.After all, individual components must be placed at a specific level.In addition, it will have to make various attractive elements and patterns.Of course, do not be afraid to make handrails for stairs.Wooden and metal railing allow to decorate the design, the main thing - to observe consistency in the manufacturing process.

select suitable material

Before starting production of a railing, is to determine the type of material from which to make them better.Choose the best one that best fits the overall interior room.

Forged handrails for stairs are very popular.After all, they look more elegant and noble.Such design will fit perfectly into any interior.However, to make their own much more complicated and not everyone can do.

Excellent look railing made of natural wood.They can be made of virtually any material.It should be borne in mind that any type of wood has its own unique pattern and stunning scent.It is worth noting that such structure is suitable even for rooms, decorated in a very modern style.

necessary calculations

Producing handrails for stairs, consider some of the nuances.First of all, the height and structural strength.If children are present, the product in any way will be subject to an incredible test.And, first of all, the child will test the strength of the product, sliding down the banisters or shaking them.In addition, the lower part of the handrail should be done so that between its parts could not get through the children.

As for the height, it should be all carefully consider.Experts recommend doing errands for stairs a minimum height of 90 centimeters.Of course, this is not the limit.The optimum height of the product for the person with the growth of 180 cm - 120 cm.

surface of the finished structure must necessarily be smooth.If the stairs are very narrow, the handrail can be installed only on one side.If the width exceeds 125 degrees centimeters, the railings should be installed on both sides.In addition, you should calculate the distance between the balusters.If children live in the house, the intervals between the parts must not be more than 15 centimeters.

What is needed for forged railing

course, these railings are much more expensive and require certain skills.However, they look much more luxurious than wood.To build such structures will need:

  1. Stripping circle.
  2. Bulgarka with attachments.
  3. level.
  4. welding machine.
  5. Metalloprofil.

assembly design

In this case it is better to use a material with a small cross section.This will cut out any pattern.Do not make something complicated.It is better to choose a pattern easier.The pad should be covered with a special material, which will cause the silhouette stairs.Once thought pattern, it should be cut.Note that the home will not use the horn.Therefore, the material will have to stick to the cold.

connects the individual parts have to welding machine.First you need to install the fence frame, and then fill it with details of the pattern.After installation, each seam should be clean, and with a brush, you can smooth out the bumps, eliminate defects and remove the rust.Only after this structure can be covered with paint.

What is needed for wooden railing

to make beautiful handrails for stairs, you need to prepare not only the material, but also tools.So, for you will need:

  1. screwdriver.
  2. level, plumb, metal building area.
  3. Jigsaw.
  4. skin.
  5. Electric drill.
  6. chisel, screwdriver.
  7. Hacksaw on a tree.
  8. chisel.
  9. Two hammer.One - of moderate severity, and the second - light.

Key elements

Before you start assembling the structure, you must collect all the essential elements.So this balusters and handrails for stairs.Railings and fences are desirably of the same material.

  1. balusters - uprights, which is held directly handrail.The maximum distance between the parts - 15 centimeters.
  2. Handrails - this is the part of the railing, for which a person is held.
  3. End and rotary tables - a strong stand that decided to set vertically.Mounting of these components is carried out at the end and the beginning of the design, as well as cornering.

collection features designs

The process of assembling the railing depends on the material from which they are made.If the enclosure is made of metal, the connection of individual parts into a single unit made using the welding machine.If you do not have experience in carrying out such work, you should seek professional help.

If wooden handrails for stairs, you will need to connect the pieces screwdriver.Initially, the bars are taken from different sections and processed jigsaw.This tool makes it possible to give specific details required shape and cut pattern.Of course, it may be necessary after grinding each piece construction.You can then transgress to the assembly.

Where to begin installation

handrail for stairs is better to start with installing the terminal mounting pedestals.It is on these points will be a start in the course of the work.Initially, these details should be set to the beginning and end of the structure, as well as bending.

Then you can on one of the thumbnails to fix the rope and stretch it between the other tables.This will determine the exact location of the handrail.

Install balusters

Once installed cabinets, and between them stretched string, you can map out the points that will house balusters.The distance between them may be, of course, arbitrary.However, experts recommend to place these design details from each other only 20 centimeters.In this continuous installation also welcome.

Fix the balusters can be not only the steps but also to the bowstring, which keep themselves stage.In the second case, you will make a small saw cut.Balusters are mounted vertically.

handrail for stairs to be more reliable, it is not necessary for fixing individual parts used nails.This is inefficient.Similar designs very quickly become loose.It is best to use the mounting screws or special adhesive.

How to install wooden handrails for stairs

After installing balusters should be attached to the rail.This can make the grooves.This will greatly simplify the process of assembling the structure.On the ladder bends for more reliable assembly is necessary to make the transition, and to file a special detail at a certain angle.

After that, as the balusters and handrails will be installed, should be putty all the holes, clean all surfaces from dirt and dust.But the defects better sanding.The assembled structure is left for a while, until it is completely dry.Only then can you begin finishing stairs and railings, which consists in applying paints and varnishes.

In conclusion

handrail for stairs ready.If you want to emphasize the natural beauty of wood and pattern, you should give up the paint.In this case, all surfaces should be covered with special paint, which is designed for the parquet floor.