Diseases of cabbage and control.

Virtually every one can see a bed of delicious crispy cabbage cabbage.However, wait for the harvest and collect healthy, large vegetables manages only a few.Why is that?This is due primarily to the fact that cabbage, is like no other plant is exposed to various diseases, it is often attacked by pests.And because the disease of cabbage and control for many owners is a very topical subject.

One of the most common diseases of cabbage is a so-called white rot.It is characteristic for vegetables growing on the loamy soil type.More often than white rot affects the lower leaves of cabbage and root neck.Fabrics, defeated the disease, lose their natural color, become watery and covered with white, cotton-like mycelium.Towards autumn mycelium becomes denser and is transformed into a black sclerotia (they may have a different shape).And in the period of storage of crops can cause another disease - gray mold.Petioles of lower leaves of cabbage, which struck botrytis, downy mildew covered with small gray dots.

Diseases of cabbage and control often involve the development of clubroot.It develops under excessive moisture.On the roots of diseased plants can observe specific build-up, it soon withers and dies.To avoid this condition, the soil before planting seedlings treated with a suspension of colloidal sulfur (0.4%, five grams per 1 sq. M).Infected plants should be as soon as possible to isolate and burn.

Many problems cause diseases such as blackleg, slimy bacteriosis mosaic cabbage peronosporosis and sheath blight.

separate theme - the cabbage pests and diseases that are associated with the activity of insects.This common cabbage (kapustyanka white), and cruciferous flea beetles, and mole cricket and Repnoe pierid, spring and summer cabbage fly, wireworms and click beetles, vegetable, exclamation points, and winter cabbage moth, naked slugs.For many pests cabbage is an exquisite delicacy, because this is another reason why the disease of cabbage and control are so vital topic.

There is a list of preventive measures to preserve the plants and getting a good healthy crop:

  • before sowing the seeds are disinfected: about 15-20 minutes warm up in hot water (about 50 degrees) for 2-3 minutes dipped in cold waterand a little dried;
  • for growing seedlings is important to ensure that the temperature does not rise above 18-20 degrees, and the soil is not too wet;
  • all diseased plants should be as soon as possible to isolate and destroy;
  • maintain neutral soil acidity;
  • observe rotation: at the same place in the soil can be planted cabbage every 5-8 years;
  • studying pests and diseases of cabbage with photos, it is important to know how to repel insects: in equal proportions to mix tobacco dust and ashes and sprinkle this mixture of soil around;
  • before planting in the ground is to dip the roots of plants in a solution of insecticide (eg malathion), mullein and clay;
  • crops also contribute to the preservation of the early stages of seeding and planting of cabbage.

Diseases of cabbage and control the hosts cause a lot of problems.However, adhering to the rules of growing vegetables, you can likely avoid them.