How to organize the supply of private homes of the well

How to conduct water from the well of a private house?With this question faced by people who have acquired ownership of the private sector or in the suburban communities.And this is true, not all have the ability to connect to a centralized system.Output is always there in any situation, even if it will have much to spend.

Today a lot of companies providing services to the drilling of wells, and the acquisition of part of the material will not have problems.Well - this is not a centralized system that can provide the required water pressure, and therefore it is necessary to install additional equipment to ensure ease of use of the future pipeline.For information on how to organize the most effective supply of private homes of the well will be discussed in this article.

This is not some rustic wash basin, and the current system, with the ability to connect a modern sanitary equipment up to the jacuzzi.

So drilling is necessary to entrust a specialized company as their own is unlikely that work, bec

ause often the water is very deep.Water from wells supplied water pump or submersible pump.Its capacity depends on the depth of the well and the performance is sufficient to supply.In addition to the well pump submerged electrical cable and a hose in charge of the water supply.Therefore, the weight of submerged structure becomes quite significant.To this end, over the well installed analogue winch, which greatly simplifies the process of ascent and descent.Apart from the usual, needlework winches, there are special, that you can buy in the store.They differ in that they have two barrels - one for the rope, the second - for the electric cable and the hose.It is worth remembering that it is forbidden to load and pull design of the hose or cable.

After installing the winch, you can hide the cable secured to the neck hole and hose - to connect to the water supply, which is placed in a pre-dug trench.The depth of the pit should be sufficient to avoid freezing in winter.If for any reason this is not possible, the water should be warm.

organize the supply of private homes of the well is not difficult, the main thing - do not leave outside all excretory hoses and cables, which can spoil, for example, a dog at play.Try as much as possible to hide well.It can be fenced, or do something in a cache with a lid.To do this, dug wells and deepening around safely hiding.Water supply of private homes of the well is an individual autonomous system, through which water can be used for different purposes.

For ease of use in integrated automation for water supply, providing independent work.

That's the simple way you can get an independent autonomous water supply of private homes.